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[ksurf] Re: Upside down submarine ride

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  • Ken Winner
    From: ... sailing in and ... getting ... control, you might ... roll the kite ... bungee line ... chance of it ... mistake, ... line to get
    Message 1 of 50 , Dec 1, 1999
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      From: <kmeder@...>
      > . . . I guess it really depends on the conditions you are
      sailing in and
      > why you had to activate the quick release. If you are
      > completely over-powered and are being yanked out of
      control, you might
      > just want to wind in the kite, deflate the leading edge,
      roll the kite
      > up and paddle in. Having the loose line attached with the
      bungee line
      > makes it much easier to wind it in and you have less of a
      chance of it
      > getting tangled or you getting tangled in the line.
      > If the wind is marginal and you activated the release by
      > couldn't you just pull the kite to you with the attached
      line to get
      > some slack and then attach the loose line without the kite
      powering up
      > before you are ready?

      I agree that attaching the loose line with a bungee is
      better than letting it fly. And I agree that this solution
      is the best I've seen so far for dealing with the problem of
      being dragged while unable to unhook from the harness line.
      An analog to this for four-line parafoils would be nice to

      However, I have some experience with loose lines and trying
      to reattach lines and loops and rings and things in the
      water and have concluded that I'd rather not if I don't have
      to. Since unhooking from the harness line has never been a
      problem for me, I haven't worried much about it.

      I've given thought to some dead-man depower mechanisms, but
      it's not a trivial problem.

    • SeanCMurph@aol.com
      buy a foil... let the flames begin...
      Message 50 of 50 , Dec 6, 1999
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        buy a foil...

        let the flames begin...
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