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[ksurf] Re: Upside down submarine ride

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  • Ken Winner
    From: ... leash is only ... hooked in. ... this type of ... and you have ... re-attached. ... the line to ... of the ... retrieve the ...
    Message 1 of 50 , Dec 1, 1999
      From: <kmeder@...>
      > Stan, my quick release is the original HPL and the wrist
      leash is only
      > 18" long, so you can easily activate it even if you are
      hooked in.
      > I think the main reason most people are getting away from
      this type of
      > release system is it completely releases one of the lines
      and you have
      > to swim around in order to find the linet and get it
      > I've attached a 1/8" bungie line to the ring that attaches
      the line to
      > the quick release and then tied the other end to the end
      of the
      > opposite lead line. This should make it very easy to
      retrieve the
      > released line when needed.

      This arrangement certainly makes finding the loose line
      easier. The problem is that when you try to re-attach the
      loose kite line, the kite will tend to power up long before
      you're ready for it to.

    • SeanCMurph@aol.com
      buy a foil... let the flames begin...
      Message 50 of 50 , Dec 6, 1999
        buy a foil...

        let the flames begin...
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