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Re: [ksurf] NAISH X4 16M KITESURING KITE controle setup H E L P plz

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  • lord_stone_monkey
    I agree. its just the way the fool put it. now for the hippy shit lol. i usually use beaches witch are people void, as i hate crowdy beaches. a beach with 10
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 9, 2008
      I agree.
      its just the way the fool put it.
      now for the hippy shit lol.
      i usually use beaches witch are people void, as i hate crowdy beaches.
      a beach with 10 people in a mile is pushing it for me(that's including
      mates) i like the solitude to be with my own thoughts. and the sound
      of the kite strings.
      that's why i like sun rise and sun set, not so many people and i will
      walk the extra mile or so to attain this, and as you know the winds
      are obviously different.
      i tend to keep of the main tourist routes,beaches and subsequently
      have found a few beautiful spots around Europe, fer a beer,smoke and
      launch a kite or boat especially round spain galica.
      my other half is from that part of the world,her sisters still live
      there,so do her folks moved back 15 years ago, and i got good mates there.
      one of her sisters boyfriends is a fisherman and shown me some
      beautiful beaches that the public don't use, that stretch for miles
      not even a foot print only the ones you leave.
      i spent 5 hours on one, left, and saw nobody,apart from the four of us.
      i have got mate of mate in hastings (was @ mates wedding)that teaches
      kite surfing.
      ( so to save any more trouble of you guys(light hearted ) or other
      half(not so light hearted i have to live with her lol)

      i will find out his number and give him a bell.
      but i could still do with knowing what kit i will need to get so i can
      turn up with working kit for kite
      and he can then show me how to throw it together.

      But PLEASE dont be thinking i aint got no respect for the wind or sea
      or have any doubts that it can chew up and spit out bigger guys than me.
      i know its concern for safety whether yours or mine.
      but i can say almost 100%, i wouldn't be on the beach where you guys
      are any how.(not meant in a nasty way)
      cause the other thing i hate (apart from people lol) is politics.

      it dont matter if it`s beach,county,country or world politics it all
      i carnt change it no matter how many times i vote or who for.
      so i keep away from it.
      man `o` peace me lol and dont like fighting getting in the way of my
      "out side thang" nd spoiling it,if on a mountain in a river or on the
      i live in a well pollutid part of uk with wannabe 12 year old
      gangsters roaming the streets trashing the aria and cars and
      threatening other kids and adults with blades.
      no threat to me but rather not have to deal with it.
      I want to spend good quality peaceful time
      not dealing with politics at all eva lol.
      this is why im /we are considering a move to spain.

      so any help you could give me with what kit to get before i contact my
      mate (cause that in its self is a pain in the ass) would be helpful .
      sod me i waffle lol

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, George <ynotkite@...> wrote:
      > Chris,
      > First of all, I applaud you for your tenacity to hang in there and
      keep active and enjoying
      > life despite your challenges. That's awesome!
      > Although 'loco4olas' expressed himself in a rather
      > harsh way, I think he (like myself) is concerned about people going out
      > without knowing what to do, injuring others, and closing down beaches
      > because of their carelessness. We've seen this happen many times
      > so kiters are now sensitive to this issue (again, just log onto
      'kiteforum.com' and
      > you'll see).
      > If you really meant what you wrote below:
      > ......you got one life no rehearsals,
      > live it,
      > how ever you want,
      > as long as you dont harm, mess, or interfere with others lives unless
      > they want you to.
      > then you also know that your actions CAN affect other people, so please
      > be considerate.
      > George.
      > ----- Original Message ----
      > From: lord_stone_monkey <lord_stone_monkey@...>
      > To: kitesurf@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 4:36:09 AM
      > Subject: Re: [ksurf] NAISH X4 16M KITESURING KITE controle setup H E
      L P plz
      > aimed specifically at loco4olas
      > and to everyone else that reads this i apologise for my harsh tone in
      > advance
      > NO i aint a tough guy
      > i got Spina bifida and I laugh at that,and im dyslexic as well and
      > laugh at that to
      > will that do for you??? ..
      > (richard)
      > it is my disability that pushes me to enjoy myself and do these
      > OR am i supposed to sit in a bath chair on Hastings beach with a
      > blanket warped round my legs with all the other cripps??pleading with
      > god everyday to kill me now.
      > while i can, i will do all i can, for excitement and fun.
      > WHEN i can not stand no more to surf walk or ride my bike,
      > i can go back to my buggies or get a kite boat,give up climbing, and
      > carry on paddling,
      > things you can do with useless legs.
      > I wont be entering no ruining events.
      > Something i aint going to do is whine and bitch that i can not walk no
      > more.
      > crawl into a hole and say woe is me my life is over .
      > FCUK THAT
      > i came for advice not a lecture of some snotty nose rich kid
      > I was NOT laughing at a mates death or any ones for that matter. (i
      > did not know him but that is beside the point)
      > it was a recognition of the kites power.
      > you got no adventure ?
      > THE type of guy that hangs about on beaches that puts his kite up,
      > and never launches it?
      > with the excuses there is not enough/to much wind or you don't have
      > the correct kite with you or wrong set up cord to long /short
      > sitting on the beach full of your own self importance,
      > with the latest gear and board fashions.
      > AND without the balls to say what you say on line in real life.
      > you get people like that in all sports.
      > its like people that go to the gym to socialise,not to work out and
      > disturb you, when your trying to.
      > Question to you.
      > who taught the first guy to try kite surfing? or did he just "have a
      > where would the world be without pioneers?
      > no invention would have ever been invented with out the men to test
      > them (perhaps invented but not tested.) and you would not be on this
      > thing running of ya mouth
      > i go free climbing and white water kayaking in spain round la
      > coruna(galica) costa del morte (coast of death) as well.
      > so what's wrong with that in your opinion? you are bound to have one
      > your type always do.
      > nobody taught me to climb either,but im in e/3-4 climbing grades and
      > started off bouldering.
      > purchased a nice pair of mythos boots and headed for wales
      > sombody did teach me to Eskimo (ops sorry Inuit) role in me boat.
      > I had the 8th EVER DUEL LINE KITE SOLD IN UK (peter powell)in about
      > 1973/4/5.(i forget exact date im getting old)it had the serial no of
      > 8, wooden strutted yellow plastic bag type efort thing.
      > I got it from peter powell`s house before he had a factory and was a 1
      > man operation.
      > OH yes i tried paragliding as well but didn't like it.
      > im not saying any of this to try and make myself out to be a action
      > i aint,on the contrary,
      > but i will have a go and try anything once. twice if i like it .
      > you got one life no rehearsals,
      > live it,
      > how ever you want,
      > as long as you dont harm, mess, or interfere with others lives unless
      > they want you to.
      > OR You can sit on the beach watching every one ells
      > what's wrong with excepting death as part of life?
      > AND no i don't want to die or do i have a death wish.
      > its the only guarantee from the day your born in it,death.
      > As for laughing at it,what's the alternative crying about it? why
      > would you do that?
      > SO if you carnt say any thing constructive please stay silent as a
      > closed mouth gathers no foot.
      > sorry to the rest of you a noobie to the groop having a go at a regular
      > and if i get booted so be it.
      > but i aint a noobie to kites (about 35 years exp) the power of kites
      > or flying 4 lined kites.
      > just to bar flying and setting the thing up.
      > i understand water currents,thanks to kayaking from the age of 8 and a
      > bit of surfing (not much granted).
      > if nobody is prepaid to help that's fine.but i aint as mad as the
      > Italian that took it out in 150 mts swell was it?
      > then bit the bullet.
      > i would think 4 or 5 times before taking my boat out in that,
      > and i got loads of exp at that in Canada,Wales, Spain,France just to
      > name a few and nearly every beach i visit wherever it is.
      > sorry but (that richard) annoyed me.
      > C
      > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroup s.com, "loco4olas" <loco4olas@ ..> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Hmmm-tough guy hey-laughs at death?
      > > How about quad or paraplegia-laugh at that too?
      > > You're not some tough guy hero-making wise cracks at your mate who
      > > You're just stupid-keep the fuck away from me at the beach-I'll be
      > the one saying "I told you so" when the ambos cart your fucked up body
      > off.
      > > Good luck fool-you'll need it.
      > > Good riddance.
      > >
      > >
      > > ************ ********* ***
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > From: lord_stone_monkey
      > > Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 5:56 AM
      > > To: kitesurf@yahoogroup s.com
      > > Subject: Re: [ksurf] NAISH X4 16M KITESURING KITE controle setup H E
      > L P plz
      > >
      > >
      > > thanks for the advice even though i know your probably right i will
      > > probably ignore it (i do that allot)
      > > i had some lessons given to me for my "ehemh cough" birthday.lol but
      > > theay went tits up as a company.
      > > i am the kind of nut that grabs the bull by the horns much to the
      > > amusement of my mates.
      > > when i flew my nassa for the first time as i was dragged and bumped
      > > over the rocks at llanaber north wales in A 15 mph of shore,
      > > never used break lines before and didn't see the need for the things.
      > > (any how the bruise that went down the right hand side of my body from
      > > face to shin healed in about 5 or 6 weeks no biggy)
      > > the reason i got my nassa was because the guy in the shop said the
      > > smaller version killed a guy the week before.
      > > (dragged him through a wall)
      > > i was thinking YES REAL POWER as i handed him the cash.
      > > i can fly and jump it now using my old climbing harness tied to my
      > > bars lol bit daft i know but,
      > > acting with out thinking can be entertaining at times.
      > > using my nassa to power my kayak across the lake at bala when i lost
      > > wind half way across, i ended up with a wet kite, and dumbo, thought
      > > there was no need to take the paddle, so ended up swimming towing a
      > > boat and 10 mtrs of soggy kite.
      > > try it its kind of fun on a warm day.
      > > so what can you advise to minimise death? lol
      > > death makes you antisocial, i had a mate that caught death he never
      > > comes round or calls any more.
      > > having someone put me in the right direction would be nice so i dont
      > > waist cash on stuff i dont need .
      > > i do fully intend to use it on land before i take to the sea start off
      > > small in ponds(on short lines) and work my way up.
      > > and as for the safety of others i dont intend to have a crowd to watch
      > > the fool for the first time (apart from me mate dave, my old climbing
      > > partner, who takes great delight watching the stone monkey getting
      > > banged up on rocks.
      > > take it easy
      > > chris
      > >
      > > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroup s.com, George <ynotkite@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Chris,
      > > >
      > > > I'm glad to hear you're getting (or getting back ) into flying
      > > kites. However, much has
      > > > changed over the years...
      > > > Kitesurfing can be dangerous. Search on 'kiteforum.com' for
      > > 'fatalities' and you'll see what
      > > > I mean.
      > > > For your safety (and the safety of others) and your enjoyment,
      > > > I recommend that you take lessons first. Your life is valuable!
      > > During the lessons, many of your
      > > > questions will be answered, and the money you spend will be well
      > > worth it...
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Have fun!
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > ----- Original Message ----
      > > > From: lord_stone_monkey <lord_stone_ monkey@>
      > > > To: kitesurf@yahoogroup s.com
      > > > Sent: Monday, July 7, 2008 2:09:56 AM
      > > > Subject: [ksurf] NAISH X4 16M KITESURING KITE controle setup H E L
      > P plz
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > HI i was wandering if any one could help me i just got a naish
      x4 16m
      > > > (off my other half as a prezzie) and although im a old hand at kite
      > > > flying having one of the first peter powle stunt kites (about 33
      > > > ago lol)and one of the original flexifoil 10 footer and nassa
      wing for
      > > > my buggy (slow but powerful) and a few foils in between i understand
      > > > the dynamics of the wind but NEVER used a bar for controlling a kite
      > > > before.
      > > > TO THE QUESTION :
      > > > can any one recommend a decent control bar and harness for this
      > > > kite(in the cheap ish bracket)as it has not got one. (kite only).
      > > > And why you would recommend it.
      > > > am i better of with 4 or 5 line set up or even if i can use a 5 line
      > > > set up. i have explored the net for answers but this only
      confuses the
      > > > issue further.
      > > > it all started with me geting a side winder board out of my local
      > > > paper about 7 years ago for 10£.
      > > > but i want to give it the best of British try any how, before
      > > > to go for the mega bucks dogs nuts thing, and spending a years
      wage on
      > > > a set up lol. any advice at this stage would be good.
      > > > thanks in advance
      > > > stone monkey
      > > > chris
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
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      > > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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