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Re: Should I buy this set up? Thanks for any help...

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  • jim cancil
    .........how heavy are you? jim
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 20, 2007
      .........how heavy are you?


      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "mikefr100" <mikefr@...> wrote:
      > As important as understanding your surroundings and conditions is, an
      > understanding of your equipment is equally important. Pay the utmost
      > attention to your spreader bar/hook arrangement. Many manufacturers
      > STILL sell primitive spreader hooks that are vestiges of the 70's
      > arrival of windsurfing in the U.S. Reasonably priced and soundly
      > engineered safety releases are available from most leading
      > manufacturers and you must invest the extra cash in one of these
      > systems. Use caution, sail in light steady winds far away from
      > obstacles (of any sort) and be able to manipulate your equipment
      > (incl. harness) with your eyes closed. Don't want to scare you -
      > prepare for the worst and you'll be ready.
      > Mike
      > > I am getting ready for my first lessons & session. I am an
      > experienced
      > > skier/snowboarder etc. I have a Florida and Hawaii trip on the
      > > horizon, and I plan on doing plenty in the snow as well. Can
      > anyone
      > > direct me to what I should be looking for?
      > >
      > > Locally, I found this for sale:
      > > Liquid Force M-80 Quiver PKG
      > > [Liquid Force] $1,000.00
      > > All Three, Liquid Force M-80 kites, 16M/12M/7M and bars 45cm and
      > 65cm
      > > and lines.
      > >
      > > There are also a few different kites on eBay right now that seem
      > pretty
      > > good. Lots of experience I hope to tap in to on this site. I look
      > > forward to your response, and hope to see you out there!
      > >
      > > Kind Regards,
      > > Johnny
      > > SLC, UTAH
      > >
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