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RE: [ksurf] Re: kitesurfing in Curacao

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  • Fabiana Iraci
    Hi Paul, I go to Coche at least once a month, is where i learned kitesurfing and its a great place for kiting, i might go in a couple weekends, let me know
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 2, 2007
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      Hi Paul,
      I go to Coche at least once a month, is where i learned kitesurfing and its a great place for kiting, i might go in a couple weekends, let me know when you and your family are going and we can meet there!
      chao !

      Paul Tae <ptae@...> wrote:
      I haven't gone to Bonaire but I did go to Aruba 3 years ago.  I rented a car to have flexibility in where I could kite.  I kited once just north of fisherman's huts which is just north of Palm Beach.  This is near where all the windsurfers are.  It is an offshore breeze and very gusty close to shore.  Once you get out there I think it is good but you better hope that the wind doesn't die.  Maybe they have a rescue service now like in Coche.
          The rest of the trip I drove to the other end of the island at Boca Grandi.  It took about 40 minutes to get ther from where I was staying at Eagle Beach.  The wind was lighter here and I had wish I had brought a bigger kite than my Fuel 13m.  I would suggest bringing a bigger kite but I may have just been unlucky.  Boca Grandi has beautiful and is crescent shaped with an onshore breeze.  There is a coral reef which is so shallow there is no chance to sail out over it so you have to stay in the bay.
          Bonaire seems promising from my research.  I just went to Margarita Island and Coche in March.  I wouldn't recommend Margarita for kiting but Coche was great!  Completely flat water with steady wind right at the shore.  If you have a breakage (which I did) or can't get back to shore for any reason, the local fisherman with rescue you for 15,000 Bolivares which is about $5 US.  Well worth it.  There are two resorts right on the beach.  Next time I might take my family too.
          When are you thiniking of going?

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      Hello paul
      Did u go to Aruba or Bonaire for kiting ??

      fabiraci <fabiraci@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hi Paul,

      Thanks a lot for the info i will probably go to aruba or bonaire in
      that case, thereĀ“s lots of information about spots and places to
      stay, the wind seems to be very good also and you are right about
      curazao, good wind but no spots to kite!


      In kitesurf@yahoogroup s.com, "Paul Tae" <ptae@...> wrote:
      > Before I went there I could find little information about
      > there and I discovered why when I went there. There is no
      > there.
      > If you want to kitesurf... don't go the Curacao. I went there
      a year
      > and a half ago and could find anywhere safe to do it. The windward
      side is
      > almost all rocky. The only beaches I saw on the windward side were
      no good
      > for kiteboarding. The only remote option is take a day trip to
      > Curacao, a small island nearby.
      > If anyone knows where to kiteboard in Curacao, please feel free
      > correct me.
      > Paul
      > .
      > _____
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      > Of fabiraci
      > Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 4:48 PM
      > To: kitesurf@yahoogroup s.com
      > Subject: [ksurf] kitesurfing in Curacao
      > Does someone knows anything about kite surfing in Curacao??? we are
      > some trips to aruba, curacao or bonaire but i havent found much of
      > if you guys have any info or good spots let me know!
      > thanks :D
      <http://us.i1. yimg.com/ us.yimg.com/ i/mesg/tsmileys2 /04.gif>
      > Fabiana
      > Venezuela

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