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[ksurf] Re: Newbie Question on Kite to Buy (Big Air)

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  • jim cancil
    Lex: Thanks. Good point on the wake-style moves: I didn t think about them. I don t do low, high-speed moves because almost everytime I ve tried, I either
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 12, 2007
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      Lex: Thanks. Good point on the wake-style moves: I didn't think about them. I don't do
      low, high-speed moves because almost everytime I've tried, I either bugger my Rotator
      Cuff or otherwise damage my self esteem. I prefer to 'reach for the sky'. I 'm afraid of
      heights and find this as thrilling as a carnival ride. As a surfer first, there is nothing more
      thrilling that using the face of a wave to 'ramp' off ..and, of course, to NOT have to paddle
      like a wheezing fool to get outside ..is a big bonus.

      I've had two or three Best kites. They not only had a two-for-one program a few years
      ago, but good journeyman kites. I backed away from them because of some of their
      objectification of women and somewhat hats-on-sideways attitude. I just didn't feel that
      they were a group I would want to hang with. Shannon seems great in his schooling vids
      and I met Peter Stewie (apology for spelling) in Cabarete..but. The early Waroos I saw
      seemed to be too active in the air; recent ones look good.

      Brazil is a stretch for me - mentally even. I can speak a bit of Spanish and Cabarete is only
      1.5hrs from Miami, so it seems close. I guess everything is a distance for you - plus you
      euros don't seem to fear travel as much as we Yanks. ...and you take more time off!

      Kite brand-loyalty was simply earned. The maybe seven Norths I've had never presented a
      problem, but then perhaps I don't kite them hard enough ..ala wake-style ..to have had a
      problem. I found the Euro kites like Takoon and GK to be built a little lighter built ..but
      RRd perhaps the best, underrepresented brand in the US. I wished Takoon was again sold
      in the US. ...the profits would not go to Bush.

      ....and Lex, whenever I see one of those beach cams over by you: it 'always' seems to be
      blowing. It probably would have kept me off the kites. We can get some fairly seady SW at
      about 12-15kts ...light onshore in Summer and gusty N/NW into the low 20's when cold
      fronts come thru, so it's pretty nice from May-November. Good luck to you - nice chat.

      J i m

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Lex Lissauer" <lex.lissauer@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jim,
      > I like your writing style. And I feel compelled to react.
      > "You're simply too heavy to jump much beyond bunny hops in those
      > conditions." - I clearly disagree with that. With the equipment I recommend
      > (high) jumping IS possible in these conditions. Especially raileys and
      > backloops, also unhooked, because this kite generates speed and that is what
      > is needed more than lift. The disadvantages are the price of the kite and
      > that it will be slow steering. As this man wants to sail wakeboard style,
      > the latter is no problem, for this you don't need a fast steering kite, in
      > the contrary.
      > "Don't get suckered into lumbering 18 - 20's that overpower easily" - The
      > kite I recommended has a big power range (see:
      > http://www.flysurfer.com/images/content/2006_11/windbereich_speed2.gif).
      > I agree on points 3 & 4 totally. If you can afford it, go to a windy
      > location and take a weak at least to learn kitesurfing there. Personally I
      > recommend Ceará Brasil (just don't go in March or April) as it is the most
      > wind-certain spot I know.
      > "I personally have found North over the years to be the most linear in their
      > progress but also fly Naish and RRD. "
      > You are the first person with a mixed quiver Naish/North. So I see you are
      > really anti-cult. I think North's reputation and marketing are better than
      > their kites, especially concerning robustness. But I cherish your healthy
      > opportunism above loyalty to brand. You set a good example.
      > I fly Best Waroo myself (which is the cult kite on this forum is my
      > impression). My largest kite is 12 m² and I am not considering buying
      > anything bigger, but I weight 72 kg and we have 20+ knots wind often here in
      > Holland.
      > Good luck and happy kiting.
      > On 4/11/07, jim cancil <wetstuff@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > I'll pipe in because I'm your size (and a few years ahead) ...and jumping
      > > is probably the
      > > most fun - including jumping waves - thing you can do out there.
      > >
      > > 1. You're simply too heavy to jump much beyond bunny hops in those
      > > conditions. You'd
      > > need winds into the low-20's to ramp up. ..maybe if you lost 60lbs.
      > >
      > > It's simple physics compounded by your inexperience and the fact that a
      > > kite is more like
      > > an overpowered airplane flown by a maniac chimp than your normal skiboat
      > > tow. The
      > > advantage you have over others: you know what the board feels like - but
      > > that's the easy
      > > bit.
      > >
      > > 2. Your best kites are 12 thru 16's. Don't get suckered into lumbering 18
      > > - 20's that
      > > overpower easily, or oddball designs/brands that you need to join a cult
      > > to fly. (..former
      > > 18 and 20's user and cult member here)
      > >
      > > There is an argument about whether C-kites or Bows jump better ...but the
      > > later versions
      > > of both, depower well and relaunch well. Stick with one of the top brands.
      > > I personally
      > > have found North over the years to be the most linear in their progress
      > > but also fly Naish
      > > and RRD.
      > >
      > > 3. There is NO substitute for lessons. God ..how much time I wasted
      > > teaching myself.
      > > And I'm damn lucky that all I did early was eat a lot of water. I did have
      > > a line nearly
      > > remove a finger (perm.nerve/vascular damage) last year in the surf - but
      > > that was my
      > > fault. Being stoopid: trying to kite in too light air. And, I knew
      > > better...
      > >
      > > 4. Used gear can be great. Initailly, make sure it is complete and less
      > > than a couple of
      > > seasons old. Make sure you search the fourms for upgrades and tweaks: all
      > > brands see to
      > > get further development in the field. Your wakeboard probably has too much
      > > rocker to be
      > > useful here. I'd take lessons on instructor's gear before you buy.
      > >
      > > ...going somewhere for 4-5days: Hattteras, Cabarete, SPI ...is probably
      > > the best way to get
      > > this fixed in your bone marrow.
      > >
      > > j i m
      > >
      > >
      > > > I have been a wakeboarder for 10+ years and would like to try
      > > > kiteboarding. I am interest is in jumping and have been looking
      > > > around ebay for a kite to buy so my question is which brand and model
      > > > would fit this use? The winds I would be looking at are between 8-
      > > > 15mph on most days and I way around 205lbs. thanks
      > > >
      > >
      > >
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