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Re: [ksurf] Chicken loop danger?

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  • DeniseSEWA@Aol.com
    In a message dated 9/25/2006 12:23:08 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, ynotkite@yahoo.com writes: Being lead into this false sense of security with the new
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      In a message dated 9/25/2006 12:23:08 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,
      ynotkite@... writes:

      Being lead into this false sense of security with the
      new kites, can actually make them more dangerous than
      C-kites, in the event the 'sh&* hits the fan!"


      yep, I agree , the one scenario which is always in the back of my mind is
      two kites getting tangled, I have witnessed this happen several times, when one
      rider releases the other is now stuck with two kites, This situation caused
      the death of one of the top female riders in the world a couple years ago(
      Nina Heilburg I think ,as her name escapes me at the moment) during a European
      the other situation I witnessed is when a rider dropped his kite and some
      onlookers in a power boat ran over his lines getting them stuck in the prop
      and dragging the guy.
      The system I like at the moment is the slingshot Turbo Diesel chicken loops
      quick release with the slingshot leash clipped around the chicken loop line
      just ahead of the loop, this allows instant release to the leash and the leash
      is also releasable easily, when I have become unhooked on accident letting go
      of the bar instantly depowers the kite totaly, since I ride with the bar 6
      inches out from the loop at full power when I get unhooked the powerup is
      tremendous , I also use this type of system when riding my Waroo. The other nice
      feature is it works out to be a spinning leash so spinning the bar after a
      trick is never an issue even with slingshots dual line setup. Also, Joe wrote

      "Hey, i am fairly new at the sport and am able to self launch with ease in 7+
      knot winds. my problem is self landing the kite, i am using a cabrinha
      contra with the gen2 recon system. i try landing the kite in the edge of the wind
      window, but when its windy, the kite always catches and fills with air, then
      the kite pulls really hard making it difficult to get to the kite and grab
      it. any suggestions?
      much appreciated,
      Self landing the recon system especially in high winds can be problematic,
      what I did was to add two loops of leader line to the re launch balls by
      sliding the ball up until the knot inside was exposed and larkshead the loops above
      the knot, make the loops big enough to get three fingers in as this will
      also aid you in getting a grip for relaunch , before attempting to land clip
      your leash to the loop on the side that will end up closest to the ground when
      you fly the kite to the edge of the window near your landing area, keep the
      kite very close or touching the tip on the ground then simply unhook the
      chicken loop and let the kite go to the leash( let go of the bar) , the kite should
      flag out and drift downwind with you hooked to just the brake line on the
      upwind side, you can then go hand over hand up the brakeline to the kite .
      since Cabrinha had several different recon systems I suggest you look carefully
      at your system to ensure that the bar will slide up the brakeline at least the
      distance equal to the span of the kite and test the system in very light
      winds before trusting it, do not attempt to self land any C kite in high winds
      and understand there is always a risk of damage to the kite from sliding
      across the ground, As always everything above is just my opinion and opinions vary
      but I hope it helps.


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