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GKSonic line setup and bar modifications

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  • Lex Lissauer
    Hi Craig, interested in how you changed the bar over on the sonic ... I made it into a conventional set-up by molding in a conventional depower strap into
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
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      Hi Craig,

      interested in how you changed the bar over on the sonic

      I made it into a "conventional" set-up by molding in a conventional depower
      strap into the original depower line.
      I attached an extra line above the depower strap which runs through the bar
      (hole) and which I attach to my safety leash. The original cleat is not in
      use anymore.

      how long is the cl line from the top of the bar to the trim strap when
      > sheeted in

      Adjusted to my arm length so that I can comfortably sail with full depower.

      -does this still go to full depower when you let go the bar?

      No, and I like that. I can now even sometimes sail "against the knot" like
      with C-kites and I like it. Also easy to unspin the bar the normal way. I
      get the full depower when I unhook and let go of the bar or use the safety.
      Also I noticed when I'm really overpowered (30+ knots) the depower is
      certainly not 100% (this is independent of my modification). When the wind
      picks up suddenly I pull the strap now. Before I had to stop, lay in the
      water with the kite above me and fiddle with the cleat and had to do it fast
      before the kite came down.

      what are the double attachments for the steering lines?

      See the attached picture (I hope that works). I made an extra attachment
      point roughly 2/3 between the front and the back line attachment points and
      attached a 220 cm long V-line to those on which a pulley runs. The steering
      line is attached to this pulley. I hate pulleys and like to keep things
      simple, but it really is a great improvement (more direct steering) and
      worth the sacrifice on simplicity and a (really very) little bit more bar

      how much adjustment in the trim strap? 20cm more less?

      It is a conventional Naish trim strap with not a lot of range. It is enough,
      but a bit more would be nice.
      Obviously I shortened the lines which connect the steering lines to the bar
      and put 3 knots in them about 5 cm apart. The knot the farthest away for
      strong winds (22+ knots), the knots closest to the bar for light wind (<14
      knots). A longer depower strap would void the need for these adjustment

      I trimmed the kite in light wind in such a way that it just stalled a bit
      when fully powered.

      I also put in a Slingshot swivel (Mickey Mouse) between the strap and the
      front (power) lines so they automatically untangle after rotations, and it
      also makes the connection simpler.

      Hope you can use this information to improve you kiteflying experience.



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