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Re: [ksurf] Water launching kites

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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
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    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 20, 2006


      dundee@... wrote:

      >Hiya Hung
      >Searched yr report for a link to see what this miracle
      >product looks like, but no joy - can yu send me a link, or
      >photo?? This sounds just what I need for after work kiting
      >when the beach preperation happens at high speed and yes,
      >those line mix-ups do still ocurr.
      >Gary (Cyprus)
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      >From: hungvu2000@...
      >To: kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com,
      >Subject: [ksurf] Water launching kites
      >Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 12:26:55 -0400
      >>I have been playing with the mini Turbo Launcher
      >>extensively in the last week and found that it is a very
      >>interesting device.
      >>It takes some practice to know how to use the device well;
      >>however, once you know how to use it, it is definitely a
      >>"must have" for all kiters in any one of the following
      >> - No place on land to set up the kite
      >> - No place on land to launch the kite
      >> - The beach is too crowded
      >> - You don't want to launch the kite on land to reduce
      >>risk of accident
      >>We used it extensively, successfully in shallow water but
      >>deep water (without waves or shore breaks) should work as
      >>well. For waves or shore breaks, if possible, swim past
      >>them into deeper water. We haven't tried, but personally
      >>don't think the device would work in big waves and shore
      >>breaks that you can't swim past it.
      >>The device make water launching looks very "professional"
      >>and tangle free if done correctly.
      >>It takes lots of practice to use the device well (have I
      >>mentioned this before?) so make sure you give it at least
      >>5 tries before judging it (or take a lesson with the
      >>school that uses it)
      >>This device will open up lots of launching spots currently
      >>not available for kiting (even spots that are not
      >>accessing for windsurfing - due to the heavy load of
      >>carrying windsurfing equipment around).
      >>Launching from the boat (for kitesurfing) should be
      >>Launching the kite for kiteboating should be fine (flat
      >>LEI kite with reverse launching capability is preferred).
      >>I have order a whole bunch of them to give out to each
      >>student free of charge as a part of the lesson and would
      >>recommend all kiters to get 1. You will never know how
      >>many kiting spots you will be able to ride with this
      >>Launching on land at crowded spots will likely be a thing
      >>of the past with this device... Land based accident due
      >>to launching will likely be drastically reduced...
      >>P.S., The other bonuses are that if you are in a rush to
      >>go kiting (let's say after work), you can preload the
      >>lines on the Turbo Launcher the day before and can save
      >>the standard 10 minutes sorting out the line and also can
      >>safety check your line connections to the kite easily.
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      >to the most frequently asked questions.
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