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Re: [ksurf] SLE Reviews

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  • Jan W Couhig
    Nice Lex, I am glad you made the Sonic work for you. There was a time when modiying your kit was expected. At these prices however, the vendor should have
    Message 1 of 3 , May 9, 2006
      Nice Lex, I am glad you made the Sonic work for you.

      There was a time when modiying your kit was expected. At these prices
      however, the vendor should have already figured all of this stuff out.

      I feel like with most kits we are flying beta testers. With a kite
      that is like being a guine pig.

      That is ture with every single kite we have been reviewing. :(

      A note about the wind range. I don't doubt you have had the Sonic in
      the range you claim. The thing is, most of them will have that same
      kind of range. The differences seem to be in the lower end of the
      kite's range, but becouse of the depower, the upper end seems to be
      about 30 or so with a medium kite.

      So far I am the most impressed with the Xbow (after the bar pressure
      mod) and, for the value the Waroo comes in at a close second.

      I'm really excited right now about Xbow. If it's like last year, the
      new ones come out in 2 months or so. Everyone is treating them like
      they just came out like all the other kites. But they are actualy a
      year ahead of everyone else, and it definitly shows. Of course they
      have allways been the tech leader.

      If the new Xbows have even slightly less bar pressure and one pump,
      they better make a lot of them becouse the market is going to go fully
      to Cabrinha. They will be the cokacola of the kiteing world. We might
      as well all start spelling kite with a C.

      With Best like shasta I hope they succeed in bringing the prices down
      a bit.

      It's going to be interesting, and to think it's only like 2 months or
      so away. Of course if I were Pete I just might sit on the new kites
      and ride the wave for a bit. That really doesn't seem like his
      intention since they already released the contra. Everyone can already
      see the future.

      I keep wondering why I shouldn't get a contra as my usual kite, but
      supposedly they arn't quite right in higher winds.

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Lex Lissauer" <lex.lissauer@...> wrote:
      > Hey Jan, thanks for the overview, keep up the good work.
      > I'll try to join in by testing as much bows (and hybrids) as I can.
      > Here are some comments and supplementary remarks after many sessions
      > the GKSonic in all kinds of circumstances.
      > After modifying the GKSonic (11) I am now happy with it and I DO
      know where
      > the kite is without looking. The wind range is accurate for me (75 kg)
      > Indeed 12-30 knots, depending on the air temperature (10-26 in cold
      > I have been overpowered with it once in gusty 35 - 45 knots. It
      starts to
      > flutter violently, but I could manage to sail it back by keeping the
      > very low and edging like hell as on a C-kite. The 100% depower
      appeared to
      > be a 90% depower in those circumstances, but it was manageable and still
      > safe once arrived on the beach.
      > I fixed a depower strap and, because that ruined the full depower safety
      > option, I made a safety line which attaches above the power strap. I
      > recently discovered that a conventional strap system is now a standard
      > option with the GKSonic, so I could just have bought it.
      > I made the system more complex by adding an extra attachment point
      on each
      > side between the front and back line attachment points and
      connecting then
      > with a 2 m long line on which a pulley(!) runs, which is attached to the
      > steering line. The Waroo has this system as well, only without the
      > This makes steering more direct and increases bar pressure (for
      > not for powering). Now I dare to loop this kite also in stronger winds.
      > I don't know why everybody is complaining about the GKSonic turning too
      > fast. I learned kiting on a Flysurfer Warrior, so I am used to slow
      > but I wouldn't mind if they made the Sonic even faster.
      > Comments/additions on Jan's review:
      > "when I took this kite out I couldn't tell where it was in the sky
      > looking at it"
      > Well, I can. I never look at the kite, only after a crash.
      > "The stopper on the kite was very easy to disengage and once
      released it was
      > nearly impossible to reset while on the water."
      > True. I used it only as a reference point. No Sonic rider actually
      uses it.
      > I am very happy since I put a conventional power strap, loose the full
      > depower and can unspin the bar like on any C-kite now.
      > "The way the clam cleat worked, and the tension on the lines made it
      > difficult to move the power setting"
      > True too. I am happy I got rid of it. Worse is, that after a while
      it wears
      > out and especially in strong winds the cord has the tendency to
      break loose,
      > suddenly powering you up to the max. Not safe. I highly recommend
      > this system.
      > "The kite was very fast. Some people rave about this, but I found it
      > twitchy."
      > Me not. I think the Waroo 12 turns faster than the Sonic 11.
      > "I got many chances to discover how easy the kite was to re-launch."
      > Me not. I drop it more on purpose than by accident. If you want a
      less easy
      > relaunch make a bottom turn and after sail in the direction of the
      kite with
      > high speed, preferably depowering totally at the same time. You'll
      > that the kite will relaunch even if it has gone through its own lines
      > several times. Big advantage of bows: NO 5TH LINE!
      > I had one session with the Naish Shockwave (7m).
      > There must be cheaper devices for building arm muscles.
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