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Re: [ksurf] I went with the One.

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    Jan, Thanks for the time-you should post your review elsewhere around the net. Loco ... From: Jan W Couhig To:
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      Thanks for the time-you should post your review elsewhere around the net.


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      Subject: [ksurf] I went with the One.

      A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided that we wanted Flat, Bow,
      SLE style kites. I've been riding for a few years and, but my
      girlfriend is all new to kiting. So I did the research.sort-of. and
      this is that story.

      I have heard a lot of discussion about SLEs and how they don't perform
      as well as C kites. I hear stories about too much bar pressure, not
      enough bar pressure, pulleys, bridles, etc. I was concerned that I
      wouldn't get as much out of an SLE as other style kites. But I was
      willing to give up a little on performance for safety and convenience.

      I like to travel and I like to kite when I do, but I don't like taking
      a huge quiver of kites with me, and possibly two different boards.
      With two of us kiting the amount of gear would be compounded. Being
      able to take fewer kites was a big bonus.

      Safety was a big concern. I wanted the safest kites for my girlfriend
      to learn on. I considered buying her an SLE and buying myself a new C
      kite but I decided that I needed to be flying the same kite I was
      teaching her on.

      With all of these reasons I was still concerned that SLE kites were
      going to be a fad, granted a big fad, but I didn't want my new quiver
      to go the way of the pickle-fork (no offence to Jimmy).

      Needless to say with all of these concerns, I didn't want to break the
      bank, I wanted to find good kites, but I wasn't planning to build the
      full quiver. Best to keep some cash in reserves to spend on next years
      next generation SLEs or one of the top of the line C kites.

      I bought the latest Kiteboard magazine with the new kite reviews. I
      dog-eared all the pages on SLEs, and started comparing.

      Some companies had these really long de-power straps with extra
      extenders, others had pulleys, some even had both. One company even
      had a bar with a bungee cable to help keep the bar pressure down. I
      read an article in a British mag about how SLEs are less efficient,
      and how they don't jump as well. I started to rethink the whole SLE
      thing, but what is the alternative? 5th lines? No thanks, not my style.

      The biggest complaints people made about SLEs is that they didn't feel
      like their old C kite. Some of the kites could split the difference.
      There were hybrids out there that de-powered, gave more range, but
      would still feel more like a C. I wondered if the SLE kites could
      actually have more range.

      So I made a list of the features I did want, and the ones I didn't.

      The first thing I noted that I really didn't want was pulleys on the
      bar. They may be a good feature, but I really was concerned about bar
      pressure for learning. I also didn't want a kit with bar pressure that
      was too light. I don't tend to watch the kite as I ride, I want to be
      able to feel where the kite is in the sky.

      I tried out a couple of kites that had reverse chicken bone's that
      went on your bar hook, and really light bare pressure. I never new
      where the kite was, there was no real grunt, or torque, and I knew
      that wasn't for me any more than the really heavy bar pressure with
      pulleys at the bar.

      I was actually very disappointed with one all buy excellent bar
      design. It had a dynamic line that went from the chicken loop, up
      through a ring or pulley and back down through a cam cleat. It was
      beautiful. An advanced rider could leash to the line on the other side
      of the cam cleat and if you let go, then the bar would go all the way
      up to the ring just as if there were no stopper. But there were two
      really big downsides, first there were pulleys on the bar. Second, I
      didn't completely trust the tension fitting in the stopper. I wasn't
      totally sure that the dynamic line would really travel through it if
      it were jammed up against the bar. A third issue was the wind range
      advertised for this kite.

      I wanted a reliable de-power system that didn't have a 5th line, or a
      bar that couldn't spin. I really liked the idea of a dynamic de-power
      line with the control behind the bar, and the leash attached to this
      dynamic line. I realized that you could have a static stopper that did
      not need to be punched through some tension fitting if you had this
      kind of leaching system on an SLE kite.

      I figured I could buy a similar bar or modify a bar to have this
      dynamic de-power leash system but

      So my list of requirements became in no particular order:

      Relatively Inexpensive.
      Modern Kite construction with good quality design.
      No Pulleys, or 5th lines on the bar
      Bar pressure not too light or too strong.
      Large Wind Range for a very reduced quiver.
      Dynamic de-power leash system

      I only found one kite that met all of these requirements, and in many
      ways out-performed my wildest expectations.

      That kite was the Ocean Rodeo One.

      Relatively Inexpensive:
      The price is only slightly higher than the cheapest option.

      Modern Kite construction with good quality design.
      Ok no one pump on the One, but if you have it laid out with other
      major brands you wouldn't think that the One was any less well
      constructed, in fact you might notice that it's completely bomber.

      No Pulleys or 5th line on the bar:
      Nicely accomplished. Along with the simplest bridle system I can find
      on the market.

      Bar pressure not too light or too strong:
      The bar pressure of the Ocean Rodeo 9m I have flown was ever so
      slightly greater than that of your average high performance, high
      aspect ration C kite. It definitely was not too light., and the flying
      characteristics of the One, while much more sled like than a C, were
      not as exaggerated and twitchy as some other brands I have tried. The
      kite was very stable.

      Large Wind Range for a very reduced quiver:
      I put the 9m up in 8 -17knts averaging about 13. I'm about 72kg. I
      thought there would be no way I would have enough power for much but a
      down-winder on a Cabrinha lab rat 141. I was overwhelmed. Not only was
      I powered, I flew upwind. Jumping was not exactly the same as with my
      old C kites (and I'm no Wienman) but it was so easy, high gliding
      jumps with all the yank you off the water thrill.

      Dynamic de-power leash system:
      All of the necessary parts are there. All that was missing was a
      little ring on the dynamic line to hook the leash to. It was easy
      enough to add though. I also added a plastic stopper to help in
      pulling the line free of the cam cleat. It sure beats trying to fab
      the whole thing on my own.

      By this time you probably think I am pimping this kite. You are right
      I am, but I don't work for Ocean Rodeo, I am just really excited about
      the kite. The one thing I would like to see them do better is the bar.

      You just can't beat the value!


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