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Re: Advice for Waroo

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  • Jan W Couhig
    Haven t flown the Waroo, but I have had my hands on a Crossbow, a Sonic, and an Ion. The Crossbow had a bit of delay but was very powerfull and smooth. A very
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 18, 2006
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      Haven't flown the Waroo, but I have had my hands on a Crossbow, a
      Sonic, and an Ion.

      The Crossbow had a bit of delay but was very powerfull and smooth. A
      very well done kite, very redeeming for cabrinha.

      The GK was the oposite with the delay. It was nice that it relaunched
      so easy becouse I kept crashing it. It might have been better with a
      pully bar. Good kite though.

      I didn't realy like the bar on either of these kites. I couldn't
      depower the Sonic to my likeing, and the reverse chicken bone which
      goes on your bar was a pain. When you puched up the stoper it wasn't
      going to go back in, I just couldn't reach it. Everything felt loose
      and twitchy. I wish I had flown it on the second attachment, I hear
      that slows it down a bit. The larger size kite did not have this
      problem as much.

      The Cabrina bar was very nice, but there was a lot going on. I think
      you have to make sure you allways dunk the bar so that sand doesn't
      get in the swivels. I liked this kite, I just want something simmilar
      without all the stuff going on at the bar. Maybe the CB with the SS
      bar would be the ticket, but SS isn't marketing bar only right now.

      The Ion felt and acted like a C kite. Clean bar for the most part,
      nice collors on the kite as well if you get off on that sort of thing.
      The kite was stable, the bar pressure felt a lot like a nitro.

      I have my hands on a One now and I will post back after I have had
      some experience with it. I like the bar ok, but it has a lot going on.
      No pullies, but the punch up system seems like overkill to me. I don't
      need a dynamic stoper or anything so I plan on taking the plastic
      connector between the two stopes off, and tightening up the stoper to
      stay in place. It would have been nice if they had put a leash
      attachement on the dynamic line, but for some reason they didn't. They
      did put one on the chicken loop....why?

      The punchout mechanisms of wrapped velcro holders don't have me overly
      thrilled. The loop is a mess of webbing and velcro and stuff, but
      functionaly about the same as the SS bar. I added a stoper ball to the
      dynamic line (along with a leash attachment) and got rid of the silly
      velcro. Now you can use the ball to get the line out of the cam cleat
      instead of ripping it out like with the Sonic. The last thing I want
      is to have to replace those lines every few weeks. I did the cam cleat
      thing once before and I had to replace those lines constatly.

      Be carfull with the old Recon bar and the bow kite. The recons depower
      by placing the tension on the back lines, the bridled kite depowers by
      placing the tension on the front lines.

      It may seem the same with the front leaders lengthening but it is very
      differnt. With the Nitro et.al. it is in front of the bar where the
      extra length goes, with the SS bar, or OR bar with my mod, it is
      behind the bar (between you and the bar) where the length is added,
      and you might also miss that the bar is going right up to the end of
      that leader.

      If you mod your bar to match that kind of setup then it should work.
      The nice thing about the cam cleat which makes it the best solution in
      my opinion, is that if you do have to releas your chicken loop, when
      you pull the bar back to you the dynamic line is going to be nicely
      seated in the cam cleat, keeping the kite fully depowered.

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "whyserpico" <whyserpico@...> wrote:
      > I `m planing to buy the new Best Waroo'06 i was wondering if anybody
      > tried it and how it is happy or not also could I use my old bars I
      > have to Cabrihna bars one it for a Contra Recon 2 and other one is
      > older.
      > Cheers
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