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RE: [ksurf] Bow kite or classic lei kite?

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  • Klotz, Michael MD
    I am in the market for new kites this year and any advice would be appreciated. I primarily ride in the Gorge and have only used North Rhino s (learned in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2006
      I am in the market for new kites this year and any advice would be appreciated. I primarily ride in the Gorge and have only used North Rhino's (learned in the Gorge on Rhino '02s, Ouch!).
      I am an intermediate rider. I can jump but don't do any tricks in the air yet. Can do a backroll as well. I want to start riding unhooked and try some rotations with jumps. I
      I currently have Rhino '04s (8,12,16) and my 12 needs to be replaced soon. I was in La Ventana last month and demo'd an '06 Vegas and liked it. I am not happy with the quality of construction by North and am thinking of changing brands.
      Tried the Slingshot Octane, but felt it was too twitchy and responsive for my level and would probably not be forgiving for learning tricks.
      Demo'd the Best Waroo and liked it except for the bar pressure. That was my one and only time on a bow kite. A friend tried the same kite with the new Slingshot bar and adjustable stopper ball which is one way to eliminate bar pressure. I have heard good things about the GK Sonic, but not sure who sells them out here in Oregon.
      I was thinking of going with SS Fuels without demo'ing, but am now totally confused. My 12M is my workhorse kite followed by my 8 then 16. If I went Bow I would probably replace my 12 with a 9M. A wide wind range is ideal in the Gorge, but I don't want to be massively overpowered when unhooked.
      Any advice will be appreciated. I am off to Aruba on 3/11 and was hoping to replace my 12 prior to that. The Waroo won't be out until April from what I understand.

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      Best and GlobeKite (GKSonic) have quite cheap, and in my opinion, good bow
      kites. I bought a GKSonic 11m myself, because I could not afford to buy a
      quiver and so I needed a kite with a broad range. And this it has: I could
      sail it in 12 knots when others were out with 14-16m as well as in 25-30
      knots when others were out with 5-7 m.
      In the light wind I needed to really work hard (sinus) to get it going, but
      once it was going I could go fast and just enough upwind to return to the
      same point. The high winds were more fun. Of course my kite was slower then
      the small ones, but I could make tremendous high and/or long jumps with
      absolute control. Although I have not yet been overpowered with this kite
      (so I don't know the high end limit) I would prefer a smaller kite in high
      winds, because it is faster. Next time I go to Brazil I will bring an 8m bow

      Some bow kites have a high bar pressure. The GKSonic has a very light bar
      pressure. The weight of my arm supplies exactly enough. With a bow kite you
      'play trombone' with the bar all the time, so high bar pressure is a
      disaster. With most C-shape kites you counter gusts and lulls mainly by more
      or less edging the board, with a bow you do it all with the kite/bar, so
      you're more free to do with the board whatever you want, which makes it
      apparently a good kite for wave riding.

      In very high wind (7 Beaufort with 40+ knots gusts) I used to go out with a
      4½m kite. This is extremely nervous sailing. Sometimes I had to sinus like
      hell to keep going and the next split second I was violently lifted off the
      water. I guess that a 8m bow kite would be a lot smoother ride in such
      weather and I'd love to try it.

      For advanced and new school kiters I would not recommend this bow kite, at
      least not a big one. It is however possible to unhook and to loop the kite,
      but there are other (classic) kite much better at that, such as F.One Impact
      and Slingshot Octane. At the other hand I have seen one guy with a Best
      prototype bow kite doing all these unhooked tricks for 2 hours in a row.
      Rotations with kite loop as well as handle-passes.

      Last but not least: Consider the safety options: Bow kites have only 4 lines
      and are very easy water relaunchable. At least my GKSonic is. The worst that
      ever happened was when I misjudged a gybe and sailed in shore break towards
      my kite making the lines go slack and the kite swirl down, going several
      times through its lines. I was able to restart it and sail without a
      problem, but had to go on shore and rearrange the crossed lines. A 5th line
      would probably have been sliced the kite.

      On 2/19/06, kiteghost <kiteghost@...> wrote:
      > Hi all I'm looking to buy a new kite. I'm looking at the new bow style
      > kites but are they really worth the extra money? I can get a new 2005
      > naish V4 16m half the price of one of the new bow kites. I want to use
      > my kites for flat water as well as wave riding.
      > I have the following:
      > 2003 naish Aero2 12m
      > 2003 155mm naish twin tip
      > 2005 140mm Cyclone twin tip
      > Thanks
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