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Re: [ksurf] Re: Flat Inflatable?

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  • CCKiteboarder@hotpop.com
    A number of riders at my local spot have bought Cabrinha Crossbows and like them. I have looked them over pretty good but have not had a chance yet to demo
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 17, 2005
      A number of riders at my local spot have bought Cabrinha Crossbows and like them.

      I have looked them over pretty good but have not had a chance yet to demo one. So far, I
      like what I see. This design (the Cabrinha) seems to be an evolution of the Seasmik and Next
      kite design that eliminates some of the negatives with them.

      The old Seasmik had some aeordynamic problems (turned inside out whe depowered) and depowered
      with too little movement of the bar (about 2 inches). The Crossbow seems to fly great, has
      a simpler bridle and the pulley bar reduces the bar pressure and gives a longer throw. Some
      riders are complaining that the bar pressure is still too high and that it depowers too much
      too fast. But I think the trad offs are worth the improvement in safety and I prefer heavy
      bar pressure as long as I get fast enough turning.

      Personally, I would buy one if the price was lower and it was not the end of the season. They
      are selling like hotcakes around here.

      I think this is a great design for students and a much safer kite. Cograts to Cabrinha and
      to the kite designers who figured out how to improve the design.

      Carson City, Nevada, USA

      08/17/05 8:37:08 AM, "Chris Glazier" <cglazier@...> wrote:

      >I think these bow kites could be good for beginners because of the
      >depower safety system and the ease of relaunch. Ofcourse 5 line
      >systems also offer features in these ares. I predict that classic
      >old 4 line kites will have a declining share of the market in 2006.
      >In my sessions on the Crossbow I did not find the bar pressure to be
      >an issue at all.
      >The Crossbow lift and float during jumps seemed good although I can
      >probably go higher on my Raven. Of course I am used to my Raven and
      >it is a kite that reflects years of development.
      >Ken Winner (North Kites) said something like they thought North
      >could do better with the kite designs that they already had. The
      >Crossbow type of kite is very interesting, but even Cabrinha has
      >other kites (now using 5 lines) in its product line.
      >Chris Glazier
      >--- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "hungvuatnetcomdotca"
      ><hungvu2000@r...> wrote:
      >> Chris,
      >> Sounds very interesting.
      >> Would a flat inflatable be good for beginners?
      >> How is the bar pressure and how GK claims that they has light bar
      >> pressure (like standard inflatable?)
      >> How is the lift when jumping?
      >> Why didn't Ken want to make a flat inflatable?
      >> Hung.
      >> --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Glazier" <cglazier@c...>
      >> > Hi Hung
      >> > I have taken the Cabrinha Crossbow out a couple of times. The
      >> > itself works fine although it feels a little different from most
      >> > inflatables due to its shape. It is fast turning and quite
      >> > but probably not as powerful as the Cabrinha Contra.
      >> >
      >> > The big feature is the almost total depower you can achieve when
      >> > sheet out (push the bar away) far enough. This should allow new
      >> > moves and wave riding that other kites cannot do.
      >> >
      >> > This also provides a safety system that is the best idea since
      >> > 5th line. And the relaunch is very easy which should appeal to
      >> > everyone. It is a very innovative new shape and we will see how
      >> > successful it is. Every legitimate kite company has been
      >> > experimenting with it, but I note that some companies like North
      >> > have decided not to persue the concept.
      >> > :-)
      >> > Chris Glazier
      >> >
      >> >
      >> > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Hung Vu <hungvu2000@r...> wrote:
      >> > > So what are the differences between this type of kite:
      >> > > http://www.globekites.com/gksonic and the other "flat
      >> > kites?
      >> > >
      >> > > Would you use the flat inflatable kites or the standard
      >> > inflatables and why?
      >> > >
      >> > > Hung.
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