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  • Hung Vu
    ... Subject: Martin Vari joins Slingshot! Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 22:00:56 GMT From: Slingshot Marketing To: Slingshot
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2005
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      Subject: Martin Vari joins Slingshot!
      Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 22:00:56 "GMT"
      From: Slingshot Marketing <marketing@...>
      To: Slingshot <info@...>

      Martin Vari joins Slingshot!

      We are proud to announce the addition of Martin Vari to the Slingshot
      International Team. His professionalism as an athlete and a spokesperson
      for kiteboarding is a huge asset to our team and our company. Slingshot
      feels Martin's innovative and aggressive riding style will be the ideal
      complement to our team.

      Martin will be taking his energy and time away from the world tour. He
      will continue to push the limits of freestyle twin tip riding while
      exploring the potential of kiteboarding in the surf.

      Martin Vari: "My entire career I have been driven to push the sport to
      new limits, to promote it, and make it bigger. I couldn't have done it
      and I couldn't do it today without my friends and other riders. Hooking
      up with Slingshot allows me to have the freedom to take it to the next

      Slingshot President, Jeff Logosz: "Upon meeting Martin and getting to
      know him you immediately understand his passion for the sport and life.
      His accomplishment of two world championships was a great starting
      point. This same drive and dedication are more present now than ever
      before. We fully support his new direction to the point where Martin
      Vari, is the first professional kiteboarder with a "No Compete" clause
      in his contract. This means no competitions at all! I'm confident that
      Martin will be come an icon leading the way in our sport for many years
      to come."

      On the R&D side of things, Martin is already internally plugged into the
      inner R&D circle at Slingshot. His input and contributions to product
      development will be a huge asset in continuing to provide quality gear
      that leads the market in simplicity and performance.

      Last but not least look for Martin to join forces with Jeff Tobias, Ben
      Wilson, and Bertrand Fleury for a month long Slingshot European tour
      this spring.

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