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Re: [ksurf] Re: How depowered is depowered? Good question!

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  • Thierry Dehove
    Hi may i give an advice ? I m riding with this system since 5 months and the only tip i will be able to give you: it s to be careful to your 5th line with your
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 31 6:47 AM
      Hi may i give an advice ? I'm riding with this system
      since 5 months and the only tip i will be able to give
      you: it's to be careful to your 5th line with your
      pull your front line. I mean, this line sometimes can
      be twist your legs.. by the way, it's the stuff from
      2005, you will see you can even pley with the power
      when sometime you have to much : pull it slowy but
      it's working ! sorry for my bad english, i'm

      enjoy and take care, thierry
      --- azza_lizard <azza@...> wrote:

      > G'day
      > I've just finished rebuilding (completely) my
      > AirBlast 10 and I
      > modified it to include CLS style LE attachment
      > points... and I'm
      > really glad I did. This system is fantastic!!! Self
      > lauch, self land,
      > relauch (even in surf) becomes very easy with almost
      > no power at all!
      > Just feed/pull the centre-line.
      > I can't recommend this system higher. Retro-fit you
      > kite now.
      > Regards to all,
      > Azza.
      > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Thierry Dehove
      > <sakoopsurf@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi Stan
      > > I have this 5th line since two months and I have
      > two
      > > matrix wipika 11 and 16,5 m. Honestly it's really
      > a
      > > good stuff for me to launch and relaunch your kite
      > on
      > > the water, on the sand by yourself... Also you can
      > > tide this line when you feel too much power on
      > your
      > > kite !
      > >
      > > take care and happy new year,
      > > thierry from Anguilla
      > > http://www.tropical-paradise.net
      > >
      > > --- woodman_k <woodman_k@y...> wrote:
      > >
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      > http://www.KitesurfingSchool.org/faqs.htm for the
      > answers
      > to the most frequently asked questions.
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    • Pete
      Hi Steve, 19th December. The Fawkner graph shows the bump. Seems like it was more dramatic in the north of the bay than down the coast. On the subject of
      Message 2 of 8 , Jan 10, 2005
        Hi Steve,
        19th December. The Fawkner graph shows the bump. Seems like it was
        more dramatic in the north of the bay than down the coast.

        On the subject of lofting, Rob busted his arm a few months ago in a
        thermal lofting in the UK. Quite different to mine - his kite flew
        way back over his head and dumped him from 20' into about 6" of water
        with no power at the bar. Wind was flukey, changing around a lot,
        and he had the kite too high (hindsight's a wonderful thing, eh).
        Wasn't a lack of kite skills, that's for sure - he's been staving off
        the boredom learning one-handed kiteloop 180 aerial transitions in
        his buggy while recovering! Won the freestyle at the X-zone games,
        jammy so-n-so.

        --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Steve McCormack" <sydney@k...>
        > What day was this Peter?
        > Cya and
        > Goodwinds
        > Steve McCormack
        > www.kitepower.com.au
        > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Pete" <terminalveloce_maps@h...>
        > wrote:
        > >
        > > Scary how similar this is - an account of a similar, but
        > thankfully
        > > less terminal, experience on the same day in Australia follows.
        > > Those who saw it will probably laugh - it's like the fishing
        > > that gets bigger with every telling, but I can only tell from my
        > > perspective, and from where I was it was pretty scary! Not at
        > > time, I went out windsurfing immediately afterwards and didn't
        > think
        > > much of it, but afterwards a few thoughts about what might have
        > been
        > > have crossed my mind.
        > >
        > > The wind had been cross-onshore and dropping steadily throughout
        > the
        > > day, and no big blast was forecast. No obvious change in cloud
        > > formations. In hindsight the warning sign I missed was some
        > > ships at anchor on the horizon swinging around by 20 or 30
        > > (more onshore). Because it'd been 30 knots from the same
        > direction
        > > the previous night we still had a bit of chop running, so I guess
        > the
        > > wind line wasn't as pronounced as it could've been. In local
        > terms
        > > it was "funny" weather - full of promise, but not really
        > delivering,
        > > so lots of frustrated people.
        > >
        > > The gusts came through like someone flicked a switch - one moment
        > I
        > > was dogging back out to get another sloppy little wave on the
        > reef,
        > > looking for any wind I could get in steadily dropping ~10-12
        > knots,
        > > the next I was having an out of bowel experience in what I reckon
        > > must've been getting on for a 35 knot gust. First time I've had a
        > > serious lofting on an inflatable kite. I can't imagine what a
        > > 100+kmh gust would be like!
        > >
        > > Kite wasn't that high, parked at maybe 2-3 o'clock, in the fixed
        > > loop, I didn't see the wind coming. Went up pretty high on the
        > first
        > > gust, came back down a bit, copped another gust and went up
        > > After riding it out for a bit the beach was getting closer and I
        > was
        > > still getting higher, so ditched the board, pulled the trim loop
        > in,
        > > depowered as much as I could while slowly steering the kite down
        > the
        > > side until I started losing height. Hit the water going pretty
        > quick,
        > > supermanned, pulled the pin and got dragged in by the kite on the
        > > leash. Dunno how high or long, but it felt big enough considering
        > it
        > > was involuntary, and apart from the dip in the middle never came
        > > close to swinging under the kite, just accelerated all the way.
        > > Briefly considered bailing, but could see the reef below and
        > figured
        > > I'd break my legs. I've never felt lift like it on an intentional
        > > jump, it was as if the kite caught a passing plane. A few of the
        > boys
        > > on the beach were having a good chuckle (in the way people do
        > > they're really glad it wasn't them), and I was bloody glad I was
        > out
        > > the back when it hit, not on the beach.
        > >
        > > Two things of note: One, I never saw it coming on the water,
        > don't
        > > know why, but it caught me completely by surprise. I was
        > > looking upwind when the first gust hit me, and there was no
        > > darkies on the surface within a couple of hundred meters. I may
        > be a
        > > crap kiter, but I've been sailing for 20 odd years and kiting
        > > since '97, and have never encountered anything like that. Two,
        > once
        > > the water disappeared I had the usual thoughts of "oh sh*t" etc.,
        > but
        > > after the initial shock had heaps of time to think about and do
        > > stuff - fiddle with the trim strap, straighten out my leash and
        > make
        > > sure I had the releases where I wanted them, get rid of the board
        > > etc. If the beach had been nearer, or I'd have been getting
        > dragged
        > > on the surface at high speed, I'm sure I'd have been less
        > sensible,
        > > and expect the outcome would've been quite different.
        > >
        > > Last thing, relevant to Hung's post, is that the kite pulled hard
        > on
        > > the leash. I braced against some submerged rocks while it
        > > around for a while and the initial gusts passed, but may have had
        > to
        > > release the leash and let the kite go otherwise.
        > >
        > > Anyway, thought you might get something out of it, and backs up
        > the
        > > theory that it's not "if", it's "when". Be picky about the
        > > conditions you ride in, and stay away from the shore!
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