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Re: [FKSA] Alex Caviglia Passes On

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  • flkitesurfer
    Hello Eddie, There is a lot of truth and insight to what you are saying. Until people take a hazard seriously, they can t begin to effectively deal with it.
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 17, 2004
      Hello Eddie,

      There is a lot of truth and insight to what you are saying. Until
      people take a hazard seriously, they can't begin to effectively deal
      with it. People sometimes require enough injury and loss to "justify"
      taking reasonable precautions. Until that time, these sort of things
      "happen to the other guy" if the though ever enters their head in the
      first place.

      Considering everyone that I have talked to about wearing helmets
      forget they are wearing them in short order, there really isn't much
      of a functional reason not to wear them. Still, it comes down to
      individual choice.

      A helmet might have made an important difference in Alex's and many
      other accidents. Still, few people were wearing them in Miami last
      November and perhaps not many more are today. Details about the
      accident appear at the top of:


      Would you play American football without a helmet? Who hits harder,
      football players or a lofted kiteboarder? How many football players
      travel at 20 to 30 mph + and fly through the air 20 ft. high and 50
      ft. horizontally plus?

      Think about it, a lot is riding on your choice in this matter whether
      you acknowledge the risk exists or not.

      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Eddie Toy" <etoy@s...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the update Rick. I know alot of us have been wanting to
      know his
      > condition after the accident. I'm very sorry to hear of this tragic
      > outcome, and even though I didn't personally know Alex, I too want to
      > express my support for his family and friends.
      > I think this is a good time to reflect on this accident and how many
      > still don't use helmets today when they are kiteboarding. Yesterday
      in the
      > crazy 30 mph winds one of our local kiteboarders illustrated why
      > should be wearing one, especially when the wind is strong and gusty.
      > with no obstacles your board can come off and become a projectile.
      > The guy I'm talking about in this case is an experienced airplane
      pilot who
      > is 19 years old and has been kiteboarding for 1 year. He has progressed
      > rapidly and is now landing double back rolls on a consistent basis.
      > Yesterday he was flying a 9 meter kite with a 51 cm bar in 28-35 mph
      > and he weighs only about 160 pounds. Suffice it to say that he was
      > overpowered. I weigh 190 and I was overpowered on my 9. As he
      passed by me
      > he loaded up the kite and went for a double back roll. He sent the
      kite too
      > far back and it sent him off axis, so he accidentally pulled too
      hard on his
      > front hand. This sent the kite into a dive and instantly
      accelerated him to
      > close to the wind speed. He lost the board at some point and I
      watched him
      > almost head plant the board as he got rag dolled across the water at
      > speed. He was able to redirect the kite and came to a stop
      eventually. I
      > got his board and brought it downwind to him, but as I dropped it
      off I told
      > him that if he was going to be charging it that hard he needed to be
      > a helmet. He later told me that he saw stars on impact, and he sat
      > for several minutes before continuing.
      > The thing is, no matter who you are or how good you get, there are
      > going to be unexpected things that you can't plan for. Wearing a
      helmet may
      > not make you look cool, but it will protect your most important
      asset when
      > things go wrong, your brain. The last thing I want is to have to rescue
      > someone who I taught to kiteboard and ruin a good day, or lose access
      > because someone made a mistake. If everyone wears helmets while
      they are
      > riding that is just one more thing that we won't have to worry
      about. Put
      > it on and forget about it. The life you save may be your own.
      > Thanks for listening.
      > Eddie Toy
      > Kiteboarding Instructor
      > Extreme Kites
      > http://www.oceanextremesports.com
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      > Subject: [FKSA] Alex Caviglia Passes On
      > Alex Caviglia, accomplished windsurfer and kiteboarder, former
      president and
      > founder of Adventure Sports, Inc., the North and South American
      > for Cabrinha, Neil Pryde, Bic and Tiga, died in hospital Saturday,
      > 13, 2004.
      > Alex suffered a severe head injury in a kiteboarding accident one
      year ago.
      > Alex fought hard to recover, and was able to express his love for
      his family
      > and friends before he left us. Alex is survived by his wife, Silvia
      and his
      > children Bianca and Michael.
      > I would like to extend my sincere feelings of loss and regret for the
      > passing of this well known and liked man. I wish strength and solace
      to the
      > Cavigilas and their many friends in this sad time of loss.
      > Silvia Caviglia requests that in lieu of flowers, that donations be
      made in
      > memory of her husband Alex to "Alex's Bluewater Foundation." The "Alex's
      > Bluewater Foundation" is a non-profit charitable foundation
      currently being
      > formed to benefit victims of watersports related injury. Additional
      > information regarding this foundation will be posted shortly.
      > Donations may be sent to:
      > Alex's Bluewater Foundation
      > c/o Silvia Caviglia
      > 5724 SW 131 TERRACE
      > MIAMI, FL 33156
      > Services will be held at:
      > St. Louis Catholic Church
      > 7270 S.W. 120th Street
      > Pinecrest, FL 3315
      > With the viewing from 4 to 5 pm and mass from 5 to 6 pm on Thursday,
      > November 18, 2004. There will be a burial at sea at 2 pm, Saturday,
      > 20, 2004.
      > * This time of year, particularly November, brings periods of strong
      > and a sad legacy of accidents for kiteboarders throughout the world.
      > be careful out there.
      > .
      > FKA, Inc.
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      > Rick Iossi
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