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Re: [ksurf] Re: Lifejacket Ticket in Keswick, Ontario

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    In a message dated 11/13/2004 6:43:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, woodman_k@yahoo.ca writes: They ... defend the ... charged me ... Regulations ... We have a
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      In a message dated 11/13/2004 6:43:28 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      woodman_k@... writes:

      > dropped the charge. What a waste of time. I was prepared to
      defend the
      > charge to set a precedent. For those who are interested, they
      charged me
      > with being in violation of section 16.01 of the "Small Vessel
      > which is part on the Canada Shipping Act.

      We have a few lakes in US that require a PFD, still.

      The history of PFD harrassement goes back to the '70's with
      windsurfing. Fortunately, Windsurfing International Inc. approached the
      US Coast Guard back then and secured a 'ruling' that the windsurfer
      is a TOY like a surfboard & not a VESSEL, and therefore should not
      be under the same restrictions. US Coast Guard agreed and made a
      ruling that many US Lifeguard Depts and policing agencies recognize.
      It's amazing they are caring this over to kiteboarding, so far. (or they
      are ignorant!)
      Because its' not the same, windsurfers have a floation device
      under their feet. My kiteboards can't even float my pet.

      But you are in Canada, they are NOT SNL's 'America Junior'.
      Some great advantages living in the Red White & Blue.

      Scott in LA

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