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Re: Cabrinha RECON instructional video

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  • oceankites
    We have copies of that video on tape but not online. But we ve been teaching and riding on the Recon s since they came out and they have worked great for us.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 11, 2004
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      We have copies of that video on tape but not online. But we've been
      teaching and riding on the Recon's since they came out and they have
      worked great for us. If you give us a call, we will be glad to talk
      you through the relaunch process including tips and tricks that
      aren't in the video.

      The basics are:
      1. Get the sand out of the Recon fittings before going out. The
      bullets do not pop out reliably when fouled up with sand. But they
      are very reliable on the water after the sand is rinsed out.

      2. Give a hard tug on the back lines to get the bullet to pop out.
      You can see when the bullet has popped out because the trailing edge
      of the kite will gather together. After the bullet pops out just
      continue a steady pull on the back line. The trailing edge will
      continue to gather together and that side of the kite will reverse
      off the water.

      Hint: In light wind, grab the back lines further out than just the
      red ball. Grab all the way at the end of the leader line. And grab
      both back lines, left and right side, to have the kite reverse
      straight up off the water. Once it is up, pull one side a little
      more than the other to have the kite rotate so the leading edge is
      facing the sky. Once it is facing up, let go of the back lines, grab
      the bar, and steer it on up.

      This is all pretty simple after you have seen it done or been talked
      through. Feel free to give a call for more hints.

      Michael Percy
      XL KITES
      850 598 3735

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Adam Campbell <adsonthemove@y...>
      > i was wondering if anyone has the Cabrinha RECON
      > instructional video. i have found a few links to it on
      > the Web, but they lead nowhere. I think it used to be
      > on the cabrinha site when they first released the
      > RECON.
      > i need a few hints on relaunching my kite whenever I
      > drop it. (cabrinha 2004 co2)
      > Cheers
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