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Sailing Anarchy forum threads about the Outleader Kite

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  • John Foster
    To get you up to speed about what Dave Culp has been up to....(grin).... John ... Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:06:13 -0000 From: Alan
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2004
      To get you up to speed about what Dave Culp has been up to....(grin)....


      Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:06:13 -0000
      From: "Alan" <tcherepin@...>
      Subject: Re: NR - First Ever Performance-Based Sail Guarantee

      If anyone is interested in my take on these things, go to Sailing
      Anarchy and look up the thread that ran yesterday (Oct 4th) on
      Outleader Kites. If you search back in the Sailing Anarchy forums
      you'll find two more threads about the Outleader Kite, full of

      I was tired of everyone over there just thinking it was me and Dave
      ranting on about them, so I took out two other singlehanders for a
      ride last weekend. They wrote their comments in that thread and Dave
      and I answered a mess of questions. He sold one kite that day.
      I'll be taking two more guys, both non-singlehanders, out on October
      24th and their comments will also go up on Sailing Anarchy.

      I'll be taking out our SSS Commodore, who also happens to be the
      Singlehanded Sailor of the Year for the sixth year out of seven,
      with the kite in Mid-November. He's got a Van de Stadt Black Soo
      30, an early ultralight. His analysis will also be up on Sailing

      All I can say is that if you're not familiar with these things, you
      need to be.

      My Santana 3030, a 6500 pound 1980's vintage MORC displacement boat
      easily got up to ten knots in 18-22 knots of wind this past weekend.
      for my boat, that is hauling the proverbial buttocks. I put the boat
      on autopilot and didn't touch it for ten-fifteen minutes, three
      times. The pilot, an Autohelm 1000, the wimpiest pilot in their
      line, steered the boat and never even came close to working hard at
      all. Not at ALL.

      check it out.


      --- In petit_bateau@yahoogroups.com, dave@d... wrote:
      > From: KiteShip Corporation
      > To: Yachting, Racing, Kites, Voyaging, Cruising
      > RE: First Ever Performance-Based Sail Guarantee
      > Date: 6 Oct 2004
      > Information Contact:
      > Dave Culp, Spokesperson
      > KiteShip.Com
      > 2004 Silver Lake Way
      > Martinez, CA 94553
      > Direct: 925-550-6738
      > Fax: 509-471-1881
      > info@...
      > www.kiteship.com
      > First Ever Performance-Based Sail Guarantee
      > KiteShip.Com, sailing innovators and makers of OutLeader spinnaker
      > replacement kites today announces the industry's first money-back
      > performance-based guarantee for its free-flying sailing kites.
      > "If, after 15 hours flying time, your boat is not faster than an
      > identical boat, with the same size spinnaker, in the same conditions
      > (minimum average wind speed 10 knots), we will cheerfully buy back
      > your kite. We reserve only the right to be aboard during the test,"
      > says Dave Culp, President of KiteShip.Com.
      > This is the first time in the sailing industry's history that a
      > manufacturer has offered an across-the-board money-back guarantee
      > based on a product's competitive performance. "Ours is a new concept,
      > and although flying these kites is straightforward and FAST, we feel
      > that our prospective customers deserve a level of reassurance that
      > their hard-earned money is well spent," offers Culp. "Our standard
      > two-year warranty against defects in materials/workmanship
      > remains in place throughout."
      > OutLeader spinnaker replacement kites are designed to replace and to
      > outperform both symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers aboard the
      > great majority of racing and voyaging sailing yachts. OutLeaders
      > utilize stronger, smother winds aloft to make them more powerful than
      > conventional spinnakers of equal size. The kites were initially
      > designed to be rule-legal off-wind sails in the America's Cup, and
      > measure-in as legal asymmetrical spinnakers, per the International
      > Sailing Federation's (ISAF) Equipment Rules of Sailing.
      > Due to their unique design, these kites are flown from the deck, not
      > from the mast. OutLeader kite-powered boats are less prone to
      > spinnaker broaches, bow burying and high speed control issues, as
      > well as less prone to catastrophic dismastings. A number of
      > offshore-capable yachts are already carrying OutLeader kites for
      > their "get home" capability in the event of rig failure.
      > Contact KiteShip; info@k..., and at +1 925 550 6738. See them
      > flown at distributors in New England, the Pacific Northwest, San
      > Francisco, Florida, the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
      > Look for KiteShip.Com at the Annapolis Boat Show, Oct 7-11. Dock G.
      > +++
      > Visit www.kiteship.com
      > or contact info@... for more information.

      My life seems to have evolved to be much like the
      "Words to Live By" from "The Wind in the Willows"

      "Believe me, my young friend (said the water
      rat, solemnly), there is nothing - absolutely
      nothing - half as much worth doing as simply
      messing about in boats. Simply messing about.
      Nothing seems really to matter, that's the charm
      of it. Whether you get away or whether you don't,
      whether you arrive at your destination or whether
      you reach somewhere else, or whether you get
      anywhere at all, you're always busy, and you
      never do anything in particular."
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