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Riccitelli and KB Mag. ... A New Day???

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  • Rick Iossi
    Ryan Riccitelli, Editor of Kiteboarding Magazine Turns A Corner ... Lookout World! Click for image:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2004
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      Ryan Riccitelli,
      Editor of Kiteboarding Magazine
      Turns A Corner ... Lookout World!

      Click for image:
      Click for full size:
      For complete article click:

      I ran into Ryan shown to the right at KiteForGirls in Miami, FL, USA last
      weekend. We started to shoot the breeze but the next thing I knew, this guy
      was going off passionately about safety, responsible riding and working to
      keep the good times flying. Spot on stuff too but a bit of a surprise.
      Nothing is as constant as change though.

      It didn't end there either. Ryan described how he has spent a lot of time
      talking to people in the last six months about what they want to read and
      see in print. We are talking kiteboarding ... BEYOND the MAUI zone! Not
      just the Pros mind you but the 39 yr. old dentists, the 22 year old
      carpenters and the 34 year old boat captains, in other words ... US! The
      guys that buy the gear, magazine and ride the ride, makes sense to me. Ryan
      related that he cruised through and talked with riders at LOTS of launches
      over these months, places like Michigan (?), parts of California & Florida,
      the British Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Australia and more. Beyond that he has
      been quizing tons of folks via email from all over, asking "WHAT DO YOU WANT
      TO SEE?"

      Ryan told me he wants to go global and to expand beyond the few regularly
      frequented high wind destinations, repetitious partying jags and take riders
      and readers to where they have never been before. New and rarely explored
      launches both at home and abroad, "how to" articles, GEAR, safer riding, a
      woman shredding on the Cover, more women's interest articles and more.

      One expression of this new outlook is TWEAK McCore, actual Kiteboarding
      Comic Satire (KCS)! We are talking trendy humor with a message brought to
      you while shredding close to the flame of reality. I'm stoked to see it and
      have wanted to do some comic telling satire of my own for years in an effort
      to effectively throw out some ideas. Problem though ... I CAN'T DRAW,
      AAGGGGHHH! Good news though, Carl "Los" Preston can and very well as you
      can see above. Carl is an active snow kiteboarder in the prime big wave
      shred zone known as IDAHO?! True story, the land of Spuds has brought us
      the Tweakster with a message. Good on you!

      Another surprise for Ryan was a couple that attended the Miami Event with
      the guy decked out in a custom home airbrushed tee ala Tweak McCore ...

      Click for image:
      The artist, the shredder and "Randy Ravioli", Ryan's handle in the Beotch
      Zone, at the beach.

      Tweak and his cadre of styling surf dudes and decapitated bystanders provide
      a vehicle for Ryan through Carl to look deeper at the B.S. that goes on in
      kiteboarding, to poke fun and to highlight areas for improvement. Ryan
      tells me that he wants to take steps to do things that will positively
      impact the sport. Sounds like a good goal and a consistent one with what
      the editor of the leading kiteboarding publication in the USA should get up
      to. Ryan told me that the brand that in part fired him into this direction
      was the passing of his close friend, Peter Nordby during a tragic
      kiteboarding accident. Peter influenced so many people during his life and
      he still is today.

      So, this is all going to happen overnight right, next issue at totally new
      approach, right? WRONG. Business is business and change is a process that
      often happens gradually in a measured, give-take fashion and often by
      committee. So, look close and encourage the flame of change when and where
      you see it. What is it Cheech and Chong had to say about Santa Claus? Oh,
      yeah the dude had to go underground, too many guys taking pot shots at his
      reindeer and trying to take his magic dust. So you have to look closely, be
      patient and encourage what YOU want to see.

      Also, as Kevin Costner said, "If you build it, they will come." That is IF
      the mag. continues to break away from traditional well traveled paths and
      departs into new, intriguing parts ... then we'll come and in ever
      increasing numbers. Circulation goes up, advertisers continue to buy out
      space and the mag. prospers ... CHA-CHING. Sounds like a win-win-win to me
      and ultimately the sport wins with improved safety-sustainability and a
      better informed ridership about what counts and is of interest.

      Something else that you can do...WRITE to Ryan and tell him want you want to
      see and read. Your ideas will fuel this change as much as anything else, so
      contribute. Constructive criticism is fine but complaints are relatively
      easy to come by. Inspired ideas and desires for new articles that is
      something different and will stand out. So, drop your ideas via email to
      the man and watch for things to develop at:


      **Oh and as a special perk, HEEEERRRREEE'SSS TWEAK!!!

      For image click:
      Click for full size:

      More snatches from "The Kite Beotoch Chronicles" will be uploaded
      periodically, so stay tuned and keep looking for Santa Claus, uh magic dust,
      no uh Kitesurfing (whoops, Kiteboarding), Magazine ... hell just stay dialed
      for the Tweakster ... more fun to come.

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