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Re: Need SYDNEY kitesurf info

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  • ichiman1
    Thanks Steve. I m already one of your happy customers (which one? Keep you guessing...) How much east do you need on a NE to make Wanda beach in Cronulla
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2, 2004
      Thanks Steve.
      I'm already one of your happy customers (which one? Keep you

      How much east do you need on a NE to make Wanda beach in Cronulla
      reasonably sailable? I like to stay within swim distance of the

      Jan. 1 I was in Kurnell about 3pm and it was freaky - 25 knots at the
      beach, then 2 knots 100m out, then 25 knots again 500 meters out (I'm
      not kiting that far out...). At Dolls Point I think it was 15 knots
      for some reason....

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Kite Power \(Sydney\)"
      <sydney@k...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > If you live in Sydney/NSW call me on 02 9529 6894, otherwise check
      the AKSA
      > website, www.aksa.com.au
      > Answers below
      > > >Have been kiting all around Botany Bay for a while in every
      > > >conceivable wind direction, would like to expand my horizons...
      > > >
      > > >1. Is Cronulla OK on a NE? How about SE? Is the shorebreak
      > > >dangerous for an intermediate?
      > Cronulla is one of the safest locations in Sydney in a SE, because
      it is
      > cross onshore, and there are no obstacles downwind. It can be hard
      to get
      > out the back if the surf is big, but the further north you kite in
      > shorebreak, the easier it get to go out the back. Over at Boat
      Harbour (NE
      > from Wanda, there is the reef called Voodoo, it is awesome flat
      water inside
      > the reefs at low tide, and incredible waves to ride if you are
      game. A crash
      > out here is sketchy because you are a long way from shore if you
      are on the
      > outer reef.)
      > In NE the wind can be a bit gusty close to shore, but is good once
      you are a
      > 100M or so offshore, it can be cross off to cross shore at Wanda to
      > cross the reef at Voodoo/Boat Harbour.
      > Recommended for intermediate and above, but good for begginers so
      long as
      > they stay close to shore especially if the waves are big. (and they
      can get
      > real big here!)
      > > >2. Ditto for Maroubra. Which is better?
      > Very dangerous and crowded beach, 30-50M high cliff are at each end
      of the
      > beach, local surfers are aggressive about the breaks. Should only
      be kited
      > if you are prepared to have a kitemare on the rocks, beware of
      swimmers and
      > kiters once inside the wave breaking areas. Lifeguards will kick
      you out if
      > you kook it up at all!
      > > >
      > > >3. Is Manly open to kiting? Good on SE, NE?
      > Kiteflying is banned at Manly beach while the lifeguards are around
      > will enforce the ban, after they go home you may get away with it.
      It is a
      > very crowded beach with swimmers and surfers, it is one of the most
      > places in Sydney by tourists. I have kited here, and it is good,
      but you
      > need to be intermediate and above, stay out of the waves just kite
      out the
      > back. People swim all day and night here, lots of people, lots of
      > people around New Years and January, if you kite in the waves you
      > probably hit someone eventually!
      > > >
      > > >4. Is there any spot in the northern beaches that works on a
      > > >westerly/SW/NW?
      > Longreef works in S to SW, can hold big waves, need to be
      intermediate or
      > above.
      > Palm Beach, Pittwater side can work in NW, but you have a seaplane
      > area immediately downwind of the launch and the pilot is very
      nervous about
      > kites, and has caused some issues in the past. I do not recommend
      the place
      > at all.
      > Cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > www.kitepower.com.au
      > AKSA.com.au
      > http://www.aksa.com.au
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