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  • swengelska
    Aaron, I spent a week in France this last summer at a kitesurfing class, learning to waterlaunch with 2 line kites in deep choppy waters. The kites were always
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      I spent a week in France this last summer at a kitesurfing class,
      learning to waterlaunch with 2 line kites in deep choppy waters. The
      kites were always falling out of the sky. Then I rented a Flysurfer
      foil for a day, it was hard to relaunch too, and if it gets water
      logged your stuck with a sea anchor. Then I tried a friends 4 line
      kite with trim loop and realised a LEI doesn´t need to fall out of
      the sky. I also realised you need your own kit that is set up for
      you, and footstraps that are easy to get into.

      So I broke down and bought a Naish Aero 2, 12 and 18m2 with UDS bar.
      Made my own board 150x42cm and fitted it with 3, 2.5 inch on each
      end for good grip.

      Then I took a charter trip to El Gouna in Egypt last week. Shallow
      water and steady winds.

      Lessons learned:
      1. UDS works well. Lots of de-power and rode whole week in "free
      bar" mode, never hooked into trim loop, just used "leash" for de-
      power. De-power helps when holding kite in air and starting. Safety
      release works well. No leash to get all tangled like it did in
      France all the time, even around neck.
      2. Learn in shallow water. Good flyers just don´t drop the kite,
      its that simple. Eventually we will learn to not to drop the
      kite ,just stay in the shallows.
      3. Water launch is not too difficult if you practice it, the right
      technique is needed and a good wind. Try it in the shallows first.
      4. Use a board that will plane easily so it will forgive poor
      starting technique. The board will submarine just after you get
      pulled up and lose a little kite power, before you get the kite back
      into the power zone. My 150 x 42 was a good fun ride and I kept
      upwind after one days flying.
      5. VERY important. Use a board with good sized fins. This gives a
      good bite so if you lose an edge you don´t fly sliding over the
      water and crash. There is a loss of loosness but it´s better than
      sliding on your butt all the time. Better to be able to get up and
      learn to control the kite without too much concern over edging. I
      tried several boards in France and Egypt and had the same problems
      with sliding all over. These boards had small fins.
      6. My 18m2 was way big for me.(72kgs) I used the 12m2 most of the
      time. When I put up the 18 the wind would crank up a few knots and
      I´d be really overpowered on my larger board and not good enough
      have control. Better to learn to fly underpowered with
      good "sineing" and save your bucks for when you´re better next
      7. All the kites from the majors are nice products. Everyone was out
      on Cabrinhas, Gaastras, Naish, Takoons and they all were having fun.
      Locals use Slingshots here in Sweden and have fun too. Just get a
      8. Use a life vest and a helmet

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      > Aaron,
      > I just started kiteboarding this past summer in the Gorge as well
      as one week in Maui. I have North Rhinos (8 & 12 M2) and have
      trouble re-launching them, but anticipate experience will help. I
      like them fine, but have not really spent much time on other
      brands. I did notice the popularity of Cabrinha kites in Maui and
      the Recon system is intriguing. Prices are good so if I had to do
      it over again I would seriously consider that brand (you don't see
      many in the Gorge). I bought my kites (03's) used thru
      Iwindsurf.com and have been happy with them (I bought locally so I
      could see them first).
      > I bought a used Slingshot Drake board (143cm?) and I love it, but
      anticipate downsizing in a season or two.
      > I ride in 15-25 MPH winds and the Gorge is typically gusty.
      > I use a helmet, life vest (designed for kayaking with a very high
      cut), and carry a knife. I wish the pros out there would set better
      examples by using safety gear.
      > Good luck and ride safely.
      > Michael
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      > Subject: [ksurf] changing theequipment...
      > Hi everybody!!
      > After getting started in kitesurfing only few days in the
      Italian seas, on last November I went to Cape Verde where I spent 2
      weeks training hard and finally I learned to go upwind and trying my
      first jumps.
      > For this kite trip I brought my own equipment: a kiteboard
      RRD bidi 170cm (not so good for entry-level) and a kite RRD type 4.1
      > Now I'd like to buy new equipment and I need some
      suggestions about board and kite shapes and manufacturers:
      > 1) KITES: In Cape Verde I've been rescued 2 times: I did not
      succedeed in relaunching the kite because of the strong wind that
      was dragging me up to Boa Vista Island. So, I need a good
      relaunchable kite... I've read something about the RECON system
      employed by Cabrinha. It seems to be a good safety system especially
      in relaunching the kite (it is almost "invisible"). Another system I
      read about is the one adopted by wipika which includes a 5th line
      but.... more lines, more troubles....
      > More over, the SS fuels are attractive (especially the 2004
      production) in terms of performance and material used in
      construction... Is Naish a really good one??...
      > So... too many brands are confusing me... What about size
      and Aspect Ratio? Are those safety systems credibles?
      > I think I'd have to buy 2 kites. It's better a 12m and a 18m
      or a 10m and a 16m? What about the manufacturers?? Do you think
      Cabrinha is a good choise?? which is the best model that combines
      safety and performance?
      > 2) BOARDS: my intent is to buy a board (not so "radical")
      which allows me to surf in medium/strong wind. For this reason I
      think that 140-145 cm is a good lenght What do you think about the
      slingshot SX series? Are Drops boards good ? Someone told me that
      the Cabrinha ones are good... Is the Naish "Stubbie" suitable for
      > Please... help me!!!
      > I wish you all the best.
      > Aaron
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