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Re: [ksurf] Re: kite surf trip to venezuela

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  • Reinaldo Garcia
    we d fly (30 min) from caracas to los roques and stay there on a sailboat which would take us around the archipelago. we d live on it during this time. also
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2003
      we'd fly (30 min) from caracas to los roques and stay there on a sailboat
      which would take us around the archipelago. we'd live on it during this
      time. also there are several "posadas" (small hotels) on the bigger islands.
      there are a couple of well known kitesurf spots (ie Madrisqui/ dos
      mosquises) close to Gran Roque (where aircraft usually land) but there are
      about 50 islands and 200 keys in los roques so it's very likely there are
      many other good spots.
      this is all in planning stage, im working out the details in the next couple
      of weeks.
      pd. no problem with females!

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      > I am very intersted in the Los Roques trip. I spent a month in
      > Margarita this summer learning to kite, but don't have much water
      > time since then. Unfortunately, I never made it to Los Roques. Tell
      > me more abouat the sailing part of the trip. By the way, I am female-
      > -hope that is not a deal breaker.......
      > Robin
      > In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Reinaldo Garcia" <rgarcia@c...> wrote:
      > > i'm a Venezuelan who lives (and kites) in Miami, FL.
      > > I'm planning a kitesurf trip to Los Roques(*) in December or
      > January for about 1 to 2 weeks in a saiboat (8-10 people).
      > > I travel frequently to Venezuela and know my way around.
      > > I'm starting to plan this, if you're interested email me for more
      > details.
      > >
      > > ray.
      > >
      > > (*) los Roques archipelago is a world class kitesurfing destination
      > spot (google los roques for more info) that is only reachable by
      > small airplane and/or yacth/sailboat north of La Guaira (where the
      > Venezuela international airport is). wind in december-July is 17-30
      > kts
      > >
      > > Venezuela is about 2.5 hours (200 to 300$) flight from Miami.
      > > It's an unexpensive place to travel since the dollar is very strong
      > against the national currency.
      > >
      > > other more famous spots in venezuela include el yaque, coche,
      > margarita , (world class destinations). but i've heard a lot of good
      > stories about los roques, and actually been there a while ago (before
      > taking up kitesurf), it's a amazing place.
      > >
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