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  • Steve McCormack
    From the first time I saw you kite at the Love In Dave I knew you were mad too!! :-))) I know you are not knocking Goshen, when you first watch that video it
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 19, 2003
      From the first time I saw you kite at the Love In Dave I knew you
      were mad too!! :-)))
      I know you are not knocking Goshen, when you first watch that video
      it looks pretty mad!
      Sounds like lots of fun down there behind that rockwall, something I
      have to find up here, just found out I need a knee replacement!
      That was not one of my better days, but after I let it fully sink in,
      I realised I will always be able to buggy, and probably always be
      able to fly some sort of kite!
      Can't kite in choppy water at all now, need smooth stuff, and then I
      can last an hour os so, will be putting off the op for as long as I
      can, maybe the fake knees will get better?
      Take care of your knees kiddos!
      Have fun, cya and

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "vide72au" <vide72au@y...> wrote:
      > Steve
      > I wasn't knocking Goshen at all... it's great that he has the
      skills and confidence to
      > pull these crazy things off. Goshen has spent thousands of hours
      with his kite and
      > knows exactly what he is doing. Thats some pretty good kite control
      he has to try that
      > stuff on land. not much room for error.
      > I know what you mean about the zone... yesterday was one of my
      most fun sessions
      > ever. There were were about 5 of us out at St kilda behind the pier
      in glassy water and
      > 20knots just before sunset. All pushing each other, yelling and
      hooting. Everyone was
      > doing big jumps with multiple spins trying kiteloops and trying to
      go bigger than the
      > jump before. Even when you blow it and think your going to break
      your legs it gets
      > addictive and you go at it again with a big grin. I managed to put
      some serious heel
      > dents in my Naish 4'7 Pro and these are strong boards! I got
      carried away on one and
      > winded the hell out of myself after jumping way to high and then
      looping my kite way
      > too late. I have never hit the water so hard doing anything before.
      But it was all fun.
      > And Julian kidd was inspiring and making it all look easy smoothly
      sailing away from
      > huge double backs with kiteloops and big handlepasses.
      > So I don't 'really' worry about Goshen, but he does push it at
      > > > Hi Dave
      > > > Have you ever used a traction kite on land, on a buggy or ATB?
      > > > Its a perception thing, I have pics of Goshen hanging off 100'+
      > >
      > > > and rockfaces, he is just the sort of person.
      > > > He told me it was a super smooth wind that day, I know the
      spot, you
      > > > get a real nice updraft there. He also said he was
      just "centered" "in
      > >
      > > > the groove", I'm sure you know the feeling, you must get it
      > > kiteboarding?
      > > > I think I have even seen you in the "zone"!
      > > > He did lots of jumps that day, blew a few, and walked away from
      all of
      > >
      > > > them unharmed.
      > > > We all do crazy things with kites, even kitesurfing is pretty
      > > > remember some of your bad days?
      > > > I hope he never gets hurt, thats natural I'm his dad, but if he
      has to
      > >
      > > > get hurt, it will be doing something he loves with a passion,
      its just
      > >
      > > > the way he is.
      > > > Life is short and uncertain, go hard, have fun all the way,
      harm no-
      > > > one else, share your knowledge, its the way we live at
      > > > Cya mate :-)
      > > > Steve
      > > > www.kitepower.com.au
      > > >
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