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Re: [ksurf] Re: young children kitesurfing

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  • LA2WNDSRF@aol.com
    In a message dated 6/2/2003 11:37:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time, ... i agree - My closest analogy is : i ve taught many kids how to windsurf over last 20 years -
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      In a message dated 6/2/2003 11:37:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
      kitesurf73@... writes:

      > Its a bad idea..... To many thing can go wrong you can never controll
      > the weather.... I wouldent learn any kid to kite surf until he is at
      > least 12 y....Its just no point to start that early then its much
      > bettter board sport like skateboard snowboard even wake board where
      > you could controll things better.....
      > Give him a stunt kite to learn and forgett about kitboarding for a
      > couple of years.......

      i agree - My closest analogy is : i've taught many kids how to windsurf over
      last 20 years - and it's difficult enough for 11 yrs of age & under to even
      handle under 8 mph winds. Fortunately, windsurfing in those conditons, still
      supervised closely, is always the best policy & necessary. You can't do that with
      kiteboarding the same way.

      As a rule with any new physical activity, It's always best to apply
      no pressure to perform at all, just true fun & encouragement. Peer groups are
      much more effective and add encouragement for them rather than a one on one,
      parent/child situation.

      BTW, as you say -
      keep it simple and keep it fun to FLY a stunt kite FIRST
      and your kid'll appreciate you for it -IF they like kiting.

      Once they crash the stunt kite a few times and get pulled by
      it, they'll know what they are up against.

      I've seen soooo many parent/child teaching situations go wrong-
      (like boyfriend&girlfriend,husband&wife,etc)
      since they can't really damage a foil stunt kite - just put them some
      place away from others, show them just enough AND THEN LEAVE
      THEM ALONE - with their friends or peer group.
      Best to have a friend(s) of theirs help relaunch the kite
      and share flying it. A peer will help participate/entertain them better than
      a parent.
      Just sit back and watch and eventually give encouragement only.
      (Usually they get bored though if they crash too many
      times. )
      good luck & you have fun too !

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