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New Stonker 137 for sale - $435

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  • adam_j_gordon
    New 2003 Stonker 137 - Factory Blemish. ... Fins ... is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2003
      New 2003 Stonker 137 - Factory Blemish.
      > Complete (pads,fins,straps) - retails for $699, yours for $435
      > Specs: length 137cm, width 15", weight <7lbs, very minimal rocker,
      > convave in the center, flattened out at the tips. Rounded rail.
      > are 1.25" Rainbow Fins. Pads and straps are Stonker custom.
      > Upcoming review in Kiteboarding Magazine:
      > "The Stonker 137 powers up and planes surprisingly quickly for a
      > board of its size. Its range is simply incredible. On a lighter day
      > it can compete with boards that are 20 to 30 cm longer while
      > delivering the agility and finesse of a low volume board. On high
      > wind days its narrow profile and incisive edge allow for complete
      > rider control. Unsinkable, unstoppable, the 137 makes complex
      > maneuvers effortless while its speed allows for bigger and more
      > dramatic air time. Heelside - toeside switches, controlled sliding
      > and stable turns are effortless with this rocket. Simply put, this
      > the fastest board I've ever ridden."
      > Blemishes are barely noticeable email for more info. This board has
      > been demoed for an hour hence the price.
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