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Action Girl of the Year Award

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  • Rick Iossi
    Action Girl of the Year Award Claudia Nygard of KiteGirl has been nominated for this award and I feel strongly that she deserves to win it. She is the only
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
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      Action Girl of the Year Award

      Claudia Nygard of KiteGirl has been nominated for this award and I feel
      strongly that she deserves to win it. She is the only figure involved in
      kiteboarding to have been nominated. This first time award is to be given to
      a female leader in the surf, snow, skate & action sports industry to
      underscore and acknowledge her leadership and important position as a role
      model for women and girls. The award is to be given to a female athlete and
      leader who is:

      Emotionally and spiritually strong
      Socially conscious

      I have formed an impression about Claudia after meeting her along with her
      supportive husband, Christopher, and discussing projects, many times over
      the last few years. The above list of traits capture her character very well
      in my experience, in fact, remarkably so. Consider the long clinic tour that
      she and her husband go on the road for over several months each year all
      over the USA. They traditionally put on these clinics for women for free and
      only this year have charged a modest fee for an action filled day of unique
      kiteboarding experiences. She doesn't do this for the money and it is far
      from easy or convenient. Claudia commits her time for the love of the sport
      and concern for providing a compelling kiteboarding introduction to women in
      a safe, well conceived environment. She is also a PASA instructor trainer
      and examiner further providing insight into her concern for the sport and

      Many of us know Claudia and the good works of KiteGirl and even have had
      wives, girlfriends, daughters and friends experience this program first
      person and I suspect similar impressions have been formed in the minds of
      many others. So, set aside the "kitebabe" concept for a minute as this award
      has to do with hard work, care and the positive change and merit that such
      efforts can bring.

      So, let your opinion be known and V O T E by going to:


      Claudia will continue to throw her all into these activities and provide
      critical leadership regardless of whether she wins this award and well
      deserved acknowledgment or not. It is only fitting that some recognition be
      provided when and where possible. The Action Girl of the Year Award would do
      just that so please throw in your support and vote for a kiteboarder and one
      of our OWN!

      More about Claudia Nygard and KiteGirl at:

      FKA, Inc.
      transcribed by: Rick Iossi

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