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RE: [ksurf] Re: Flexifoil Storm 2 Leashless Safety System

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    I said I would post Danny Seales (Pro kiteboarder - Flexifoil) Comments on the Storm 11 new bar. He says it s Wicked a really nice bar to use, he used to
    Message 1 of 9 , May 2, 2003
      I said I would post Danny Seales (Pro kiteboarder - Flexifoil) Comments
      on the Storm 11 new bar.
      He says it's 'Wicked' a really nice bar to use, he used to use the Naish
      bar in place of the Storm 1 bar but now uses the Storm 11 bar .

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      Welcome back Steve. Sounds like the shingles haven't hurt your
      style. Good thing. Hope you get well soon. John

      -- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Kite Power \(Sydney\)"
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      > Hi All
      > I have been extremely busy, sick of all the abuse on the
      newsgroups every
      > time I made a post, and just lately I have been actually sick with
      a nasty
      > case of the shingles, so I have not been posting much or even
      visiting the
      > newsgroups for a few months.
      > You must be hooked in to use and launch the Storm 2 system,
      you would not be
      > able to attach the trim loop after launch because of the dogdick
      thing. The
      > trim loop and your trim system is the leash, so if you are not
      hooked in
      > your kite is unleashed.
      > There is no hassle whatsoever in reaching and operating the
      the first stage
      > of the safety (release to one line), and the secondary release is
      just like
      > the Ozone, a pin release right on the trim loop. A third release
      is on the
      > main loop.
      > You can have multiple twists in the lines and this system will
      > release, there is no shackle or swivel needed in this system.
      The bar is
      > nicely shaped, full carbon with a big centre hole, the bar ends
      have neat
      > line holders built into them. Unspinning after a jump is just like
      > with no leash!!
      > The trim system incorporates a cleat, with 2 to 1 advantage.
      The trim line
      > is replaceable, and I beleive we will be able to sell the bar
      separately and
      > all of its components. People with good splicing skills will be
      able to copy
      > and make their own.
      > I will post a pic if people want.
      > And just for the "my brand rules" types, Flexifoil have been
      making and
      > selling, very successfully, awesome power kites for 29 years.
      There is no
      > other kite company with their depth of experience, so every
      other brand
      > sucks! Storms are awesome inflatable kites, don't be conned
      by windsurfer
      > co/clothing co/rich kid bought a kite co, based marketing,
      check out the
      > kites from the most experience kitemakers on the planet.
      > Cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > http://www.kitepower.com.au
      > ;-))
      > Message: 6
      > Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 06:07:26 -0000
      > From: "Greg Walsh" <Greg.Walsh@b...>
      > Subject: Flexifoil Storm 2 Leashless Safety System
      > Back in January we were talking about the Storm II with the
      > safety system. Has anybody had a chance to try this out yet?
      > I am curious how people find having the release up at the
      > end of the trim loop line. Is it hard to reach? Does it solve the
      > problem of the release jamming against the riders body in an
      > emergency?
      > Thanks
      > Greg

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