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Re: [ksurf] Dreams in jeopardy, a plea for help for a young kiteboarder ...

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  • echild@csc.com.au
    Let me start by saying that I m sure everyone is thinking of this poor young girl. We all hope this young lady has a full recovery. Perhaps this is a warning
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2003
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      Let me start by saying that I'm sure everyone is thinking of this poor
      young girl. We all hope this young lady has a full recovery.

      Perhaps this is a warning to kitesurfer's that the sport is dangerous and
      if you go out and attempt dangerous things then perhaps you may get hurt.
      With this in mind any person attempting dangerous things should ensure that
      they are protected (Both Physically and Financially)
      All kitesurfer's should have some form of personal injury insurance. Yes it
      costs money but will pay for your recovery.

      All of this still doesn't help this poor young lady recover, but may save
      others from the same fate.

      Evan Child


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      a young island girl ...
      a free spirit alive in, on and over the ocean ...
      growing up kiteboarding HARD, FAST and FULL out on warm tropical seas,
      then there was a SERIOUS ACCIDENT and things CHANGED ...the question is for
      how long ... our actions may determine the answer.

      if you have ever loved to shred or crave the free abandon of blasting over
      the waves or hurling skyward, read this and please act to help our fellow
      young rider...

      Carolina "Chocalate" Diaz suffered a serious injury while kiteboarding at
      Los Roques, Venezuela last weekend. She fell and sustained a harsh injury
      from a height of 25 ft. She was concussed and apparently suffered neural
      damage. Accident details are still coming in, but they aren't all that
      important at this point ... not to Carolina.

      Carolina has had one operation and is to have another tomorrow. She is in
      the shadow of paralysis at this critical time. From one report, if things
      work, out she may face a full year of hard, expensive, rehabilitation after
      which she MAY walk again.

      Venezuela is going through hard times these days, political instability,
      shortages and lost tourism. Carolina is from the fishing village of El
      Yacque on Margarita Island, Venezuela. She was wealthy in a lust for life,
      kiteboarding and an idyllic times growing up on the sea, but not
      in material.

      If sufficient money isn't found, it is possible that Carolina may forego
      vital, expensive additional operations and rehabilitation over the next
      year. The potential cost of such a path is painful and wrong. It could mean
      no full recovery for this vibrant young lady but merely to languish, bed
      ridden. We need to ACT to stop this from happening.

      Paul Menta related stories to me tonight about Carolina. He first met her
      about 2 1/2 years ago. She started windsurfing at 10 or 12 years and moved
      into kiteboarding at 14, two years ago. Paul said that she is an amazing,
      beautiful girl always radiating a wide, friendly smile.

      Paul described her as a extremely active 5' 2" girl who would ride FULLOUT
      be it in 15 mph or in nuclear conditions at 30 mph+ with a small kite. He
      called her a 90 pound girl with the courage and heart of a 225 pound guy on
      the water. When he last saw here about two months ago, she had moved into
      doing double forwards, with NO HANDS. They have kept in regular touch
      online since.

      Carolina is a rare talent on the water and he felt that she would be a
      notable international champion by 18 years. She had competed this year in
      the PKRA World Cup in Margarita and in other local competitions. She
      assisted Paul with instruction with Kitesurftheearth, New World Kites and
      other operations on the island.

      Paul described giving Carolina two kites. She was launched into her element
      by these gifts and found new thrills and purpose on the water. Despite
      an extremely skilled waterperson, this young lady also has a playful side
      being as likely to drench you with a hose or to try to yank your baggies
      while you are shredding on the water. Paul and other like minded
      kiteboarding concerns just wanted to help Carolina move up in kiteboarding
      by helping her when and where they could. They couldn't help themselves
      young lady's appeal was so infectious. Carolina's friends were planning on
      helping her to travel to Maui to participate in the Red Bull Competition
      along with other events. Paul was even planning on helping her to move to
      the USA to progress along this path. They had an agreement that she would
      finish high school and NO boys! Dreams and good ones too but that is all
      threatened now .... but we can help. So please dig in to help out this rare
      young rider in her time of need.

      please use the following bank account:
      Denise Rochbois Campello
      (mother of PWA vice champion Ricardo Campello)
      Ocean Bank
      1000 Brickell Avenue
      Miami, Florida, 33131
      account 050515941506
      ABA- 066011392
      *** additionally send an email including your name and the amount to Mrs.
      this information is from Windgirls.com:

      Rick Iossi

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