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[ksurf] Re: EX'S Wave vs. KiteSurfer Foil

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  • Dwight & Jacky
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      Subject: [ksurf] EX'S Wave vs. KiteSurfer Foil

      | I'm new to the sport and I'm considering these two foils for
      | kitesurfing.
      | I'm looking for personal experiences (and I don't expect anyone to have
      | experience with both for a true C&C)with these kites. I understand that
      | these may not be the kites to learn with, but I'm pretty spoiled with
      | high AR foils for land use and expect quick response and efficency.
      | Do they relaunch as well as advertised (considering their higher AR)?

      I find the EXS relaunches about 50/50 when you go out in wind so light you
      can bearly stand up on the board. I am talking about wind so light you can't
      lean back in your harness. In wind strong enough to lean against the harness
      it relaunches 99.9% of the time. I go out in too light a wind because I love
      it and am stupid. The smaller the kite the easier to relaunch.

      | Bridle complexity and tangles?

      Not an issue.

      | Closed valve technology performance - do they puff up quick and hold
      | air?

      It is not quick, but it is easy. With four lines the kite flies easily,
      under inflated, using the brakes.

      Luff alot?
      | How many valves? - are there any soft spots or other areas that don't
      | inflate well?


      | How well does water drain if it does get in?

      It rains for a while after relaunch.

      | Which one is higher aspect?
      | Size vs. wind issues? - I'm thinking of starting out with the 4.8m or
      | XL for medium wind. Is this a good size to start with?

      Around here the 4.8 is the most popular size for starting out. 12-20 mph

      Should I go with
      | a larger size and brake more often when winds get stronger?

      Not in my opinion.

      | Do you use standard quad handles or special booms for four lines?

      We fly handles. They come with 30m lines.

      These experiences are based on 3 months with the EXS kites. Most of us here
      are self taught, except for a simple how-to lesson on rigging and derigging.
      There are about 10 of us along the lower Carolina coast.
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