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[ksurf] Re: Stoked too! and question

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  • Frank Kubin
    Message 1 of 17 , Nov 1, 1999
      <<We begginers are very keen to learn - and take things slowly if need be...
      There seems to be a bit of criticism of learners on this group - and lots
      of repeated emails saying how were all going to kill people, and we dont
      know what we are doing etc.
      A more constructuve approach might be for the 'experts' to pass on their
      experiences so that learners know what to expect in different situations,
      and when things go wrong.
      Otherwise - the only way to learn is the hard way...
      How was thins guy suppossed to know that his kite could end up on
      some ones house - with out being told as too what can go wrong?>>

      Point #1-They are called 'POWER' kites for a reason. Anything strong enough
      to lift a grown man out of the water is producing a large amount of power.
      Would you stick your hand in a sailboat winch? Think of the kite as a large
      sail and the lines as the main sheets (lines).

      Rule #1- Do Not fly over people or near damageable property. This includes
      any where along the lines.

      <<I (very catiously) ventured out in 20-25 knots today with my new 9.0meter
      Naish kite - as I need to know more about what happens in strong wind, in
      I find myself suddendly in strong wind when I'm not ready for it.
      So I went to a big beach, with now one around, and someone to help.
      It wasn't much fun, and was quite scary - and I was very hard to keep from
      being picked up and slamed onto the beach at times...
      I had one run on the board - and was quite out of control. So I packed up
      after about 20mins.>>

      Then you were smart enough to try something unknown in a totally safe (for
      others) area. So should everyone until they know what these large kites are
      capable of. Any reading of this egroup would reveal that 20-25 knots is ALOT
      for a 9.0 Naish. An experienced person would be riding at the limits of
      control. It can be useful to try out of control situations to see what
      happens at the limits, as you said, but ALWAYS in a very safe (to others)
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