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Re: 16m Mastair session 1/1/03 Huntington Bch, Calif.

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  • andres_santacruz <andysantacruz@hotmail.
    Very cool, thanks for sharing it man, i can relate to your experience, mid december i was kiting in wind of about 10-15 knots with my 12.5 psycho in playa del
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2003
      Very cool, thanks for sharing it man, i can relate to your
      experience, mid december i was kiting in wind of about 10-15 knots
      with my 12.5 psycho in playa del carmen mexico, with crystal clear
      water and a white sand bottom, onshore winds, cruising parallel to
      the beach, i kited for 3 hours until the sun set, just such a cool
      experience, one good session can really make you forget all the times
      the wind has died on you, or you haven't been able to get out for
      some reason or another!
      Happy new year to everyone, may this year bring success in everything
      you do, and lots of wind!!
      Andres Santacruz

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Deon <deon@t...>" <deon@t...> wrote:
      > Happy New Year to all the regulars here @ kitesurf@yahoogroups!
      > I just wanted to share a session yesterday that was incredible.
      > I really like to kite or surf or snowboard on News Years Day.
      > Two years ago (2001) I had a great session at Seal Beach
      > (only kite on the water. 9.4m Windtools Mossy. 11mph wind speed)
      > Yesterday was beautiful here in Southern California (did you see
      > rose parade?)
      > The only problem was Gusty OFFshore Winds (Santa Ana winds)
      > During the day I spent some time repairing the bar on my Flysurfer
      > Mastair16.
      > All the while watching the wind continue offshore just 4 miles from
      > the coast.
      > I tell the wife and kids that I am going to the beach just to test
      > bar."I won't even get in the water," I tell them.
      > On the four-mile journey to the beach it looks like the wind has
      > altogether.
      > Just as I reach PCH I notice that there is a little ONshore Breeze.
      > I say to myself with only about an hour and a half of daylight
      > IT'S WINDY ENOUGH to get in the water!
      > Well it is just barely windy enough to get out through the head
      > surf.
      > Once outside I can pickup board speed and just cruise upwind.
      > The sun is setting behind Catalina Island; the breeze is still
      > at about 8mph.
      > The swell is head high… I know because I got pulled through the
      > of a wave that I couldn't see over. I was really underpowered but
      > timed the upsweep of the kite to pull me through and out the back
      of a
      > standing wave face.
      > For all you surfers out there…
      > This is a sensation that has to be experienced!!!!
      > I saw on the beach a 16 meter Naish X2.
      > I am crushing in and out of the impact zone between sets.
      > This poor soul is getting worked in the shore break.
      > Then… crashes the kite.
      > I am feeling so alive… the cold water…, the wind still blowing…,
      > the colors of the sky.
      > I time my last ride to shore with the sun setting, riding the silky
      > smooth water between big wave sets .
      > Landing the kite just as the wind quits and rolling things up in
      > orange and red twilight.
      > Happy New Years To All Who Live To Fly Over The Water
      > Deon Aumaier
      > Spokesman SCKA
      > Past President SCKA
      > www.scka.org
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