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Re: [ksurf] Re: Keeping things straight.Launching off of a boat?

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  • Raul F Argilagos
    Way Much Easier to pre-attach the kite-lines on land then roll up the inflated STRUTS and wind up the lines in an eight . then all you need to do is unwind
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2002
      Way Much Easier to pre-attach the kite-lines on land then roll up
      the inflated STRUTS and wind up the lines in an "eight".
      then all you need to do is unwind and inflate the main when launching.

      On Fri, 29 Nov 2002 09:33:02 -0500 georgeiw@... writes:
      > I have a "detangle bar". It has 5 caribiners sp.? on it and a loop on
      > each end. The 2 outer caribiners are one color, the next 2 in are
      > another color and the middle is a third color. (The fifth slot is
      > for a relaunch bridle that I use on some of my kites). I start at
      > the bar and run my lines through it as I pull towards the kite and
      > un-twist or un tangle the lines. When I get to the kite not only are
      > the right lines connected to the right place but they are not
      > tangled or twisted.
      > I also use this set up when I launch from a boat. I tie the bar ends
      > to 2 places on the boat and start to un wind the line as the kite is
      > taken away from the boat. (usually my son or I goes out with it on
      > an inner tube tied to the boat with 120' of rope. As the kite moves
      > away from the boat there might be tangles but they all stay at the
      > bar on the boat. Between the bar and the kite all the lines are
      > clear. Otherwise the tangles would be in the middle and the people
      > on both ends are arguing on which way to flip the bar to get them
      > out but neither can really see them. If I have to detach a line to
      > clean up the mess I do it at the bar side and re attach. Now I pop
      > everything out of the caribiners and I am ready to launch.
      > Either your partner on the tube turns the kite over or you hop in
      > the water and relaunch with the bridle or the way that you normally
      > do. If there is a third person you can move the boat to get the
      > inner tube person to the edge of the window.
      > The safest part of this is that there is nothing down wind of you to
      > hit except the person in the inner tube. To make it even safer put
      > another inner tube about 20 feet out from the back of the boat. Get
      > in this to launch. If you get pulled hard you will pop into the
      > water clear of the boat and motor. if you need a little boost to
      > get the kite up the driver can go forward a little. When the kite
      > hits the power zone you will pop out of the tube no damage to show
      > for it.
      > Good Luck
      > George
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