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Re: Getting Spanked vs. Outlook

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  • Gavin
    ... time ... really
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 7, 2002
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Jo Macdonald" <mrjomacdonald@v...> wrote:
      > Hi Rick,
      > Getting lofted, not hurt, change my outlook on the sport. Made me
      > realise how quick shit happens because it felt very much like as
      > fast and uncontrollable as a nasty bike accident I had a few years
      > ago.
      > If nothing of the kind has ever happened to you try this:
      > Snap your fingers.
      > That's how long it takes for your shit to happen. If you're in the
      > right place and your luck is is you don't get hurt.
      > Like you have the time to go "OH" (shit happens) then you have
      > to go "SHIT" if you're still into talking.
      > Yep, getting lofted woke me up some and I don't think you can
      > overdo the safety aspect if you ever have doubts. Ok some may be
      > bored by it but some will definately be saved too. I think it's
      > especially important for beginners who just don't realise how fast
      > it can get dangerous but also for more experienced kiters who can
      > all too easily fall into the trap of overconfidence.
      > You have to always remember that you're playing in mother nature's
      > garden and if she feels like spanking you, her's is a big hand.
      > Keep up the good work.
      > Jo
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