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Martin Vari Pro Model

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  • kanehartill
    ehhhh...Marteeno... Sup? long time no hear. ... computer, I ... was the ... me the ... machines that ... ......I didn t notice any machines as I 240,
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1 3:57 AM
      'Sup? long time no hear.

      >At that time I heard about a
      > factory named "Underground" which could make fast boards by
      computer, I
      > contacted them in order to start developing my boards. This option
      was the
      > best for me because even though there were shapers that could make
      me the
      > board I wanted, they were not going to be made as fast as the
      machines that
      > Underground uses.

      ......I didn't notice any machines as I 240, 400 and 800 grit wet-
      sanded your boards for hours. Tell my elbow there're machines that
      can do that, ha ha ha. It was torture 'cause we do it outside and I
      get to watch the glorious whitecappings just 40 metres away across
      the road. Almost over my bum injury...not long before I can go play
      too;) Windy everyday here, best spring in years and I got a special
      new wt147 in the pipeline, can't wait. Adrian and Aaron get to
      cross the road when eva it's windy, but poor Steve the factory
      manager has had a broken leg for 4 months. But he had his first day
      back on the water yesterday...lit on a 4.9 airblast! Just after a
      new local teamrider Chris Brent broke his ribs when he didn't pull
      out of a kite-low whirlybird. It's shaping up to be a great summer
      anyhow...actually every employee at Underground got to "cross the
      road" today...'cept Jade, but he's ok, he can kiteboard, but is more
      into his break dancing comp's.

      > <snip>
      > At Cabrinha we always use custom shapers for our prototype
      boards but I
      > personally decided to go for Underground because of the quick
      > and the price.

      ummm, yeah, again, partly my elbow for the turnaround, and NZ being
      kinda like Argentina for the price. Ha ha ha, he hehe
      ...represent...Aotearoa styles
      much aroha
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