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RE: [ksurf] Re: Kitepower is the best! was: martin vari pro model

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  • Ron Seydler
    But it seems with all the attention you give Steve back that you are also advertising for him? Do you get commision? :P Where is the COM in your post ;) R ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
      But it seems with all the attention you give Steve back that you are also
      advertising for him?

      Do you get commision? :P

      Where is the COM in your post ;)


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      Sent: Tuesday, 1 October 2002 2:04 PM
      To: kitesurf@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Kitepower is the best! was: martin vari pro model

      You don't have to worry about any one impersonating Kitepower on the
      internet, Steve is the Real Deal. Steve is not an idiot, He is a

      Steve sent me an e-mail the other day (in response to a post I made
      on this group)calling me a few more names and then for some reason
      explaining himself. The way he sees it, Any time he gets to reply to
      a post on this news group he gets to put the link to his shop at the
      end of the post. Steve, who is maybe much smarter than I thought
      earlier, beleives that any chance for publicity will be good for his
      store because it will make people aware of it's existance. Steve
      doesn't care if he makes a total idiot of himself on this group
      because he still makes people aware of his business and people who
      live around his shops will probably come and check it out and maybe
      even buy things from him despite the fact that they may think he is a
      total asshole; that's smart because it probably works.

      Steve's only real motive here is to promote his shop and he does not
      care if the publicity is bad or good as long as he gets SOME
      publicity. Recently, ha has been taking the oportunity to get lost
      and lots of publicity.

      Right or wrong, moral or immoral, Steve is a shrewd businessman and
      anyone who replies to his abusive posts is only helping him
      accomplish his goal. If you don't like Steve, Please ignore his
      personal attacks so that he will not have any excuse to comment
      further on them and get more publicity for his store.

      Maybe then Steve will have to resort to posting useful bits of
      information in order to get the publicity he craves. I seem to maybe
      remember this happening ocassionally... long, long ago.

      Steve, maybe you should be putting (COM)in the header any time you
      post or reply? I think you should at least make some effort to
      contribute in return for your exploitation of this group, or at least
      be honest about your intentions.

      I hope people who live near Sydney or Geelong and might visit one of
      the kitepower stores will take into account the fact that Steve, the
      owner, is a very smart guy and listen carefully to what he says. Just
      because Kitepower does not have your best interests in mind does not
      mean you cannot buy some gear from them, right? I'm sure Steve will
      give you a good deal.

      I want to publicly take back calling Steve an idiot and renounce my
      membership in the anti-Steve club. Steve is a genius. Steve, I am
      your new biggest fan. I can picture you reading this post and giddily
      typing a response with a great advertisement for Kitepower at the
      end. Best of luck to you and kitepower. You are a swell guy. Maybe
      someday I will be able to meet you in person. For now I'll just
      settle for helping you out any way I can.

      With new adoration,
      Non-Thinking Dickhead

      > --- In kitesurf@y..., "Kitepower" <sydney@k...> wrote:
      > > Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put my name in front of
      > everyone
      > > again Ari! :-)
      > > You still have not worked it out have you? :-))))
      > >
      > > Well I am sitting here with a big grin thinking, is it really
      > Martin Vari,
      > > anyone can invent a false ID on the net easily, just as you have
      > Ari, maybe
      > > thats a bit much to think of though?
      > >
      > > And is it the truth anyway?
      > >
      > > I will wait until I have some more facts before I make another
      > on this
      > > topic, if I could be bothered, but you go right ahead and make a
      > fool of
      > > yourself Ari, its what we have come to expect from you, thanks
      > again pres!
      > > :-))))

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