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Re: Grab Leash?

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  • Jan Coffey
    Here we go again................ ... In ... successfully ... emergency ... leash
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2002
      Here we go again................

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "flkitesurfer" <flkitesurfer@h...> wrote:
      > It is a handle or loop that extends out of one leader line or the
      > other in "slide through" Reride or Slingshot type bars. The theory
      > is that you grab the handle, drop your bar and the kite depowers.
      > a perfect world, you can drop one hand from the bar and
      > grab it. Then there is reality and the things that make an
      > an "emergency." There have already been cases in which the grab
      > leash couldn't be successfully "grabbed." Fixed leashes aren't
      > perfect by any means but they are generally automatic and the most
      > relable system out there for the time being.
      > Rick Iossi
      > --- In kitesurf@y..., "pocketpcsynth" <marizu@t...> wrote:
      > > Is a grab leash/grab bar where you just have a standard wrist
      > > but attach it to the kite control bar?
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