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RE: [ksurf] kite for 15-25 knots

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  • Ron Seydler
    Airush Lift 9.4 R ... From: famriedijk@wanadoo.nl [mailto:famriedijk@wanadoo.nl] Sent: Monday, 30 September 2002 5:21 PM To: kitesurf@yahoogroups.com Subject:
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      Airush Lift 9.4


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      Subject: Re: [ksurf] kite for 15-25 knots

      Citeren "Federico A. Cetta" <fcetta@...>:

      > Hello,
      > I am looking for a kite to use in the 15-25 knot range. It is to
      > my airblast 11.8.
      > I would like to know which size should I go for if 12 or 10 meters flat.
      > I have the following options:
      > Fuel 10
      > Fuel 12
      > RRD Type IV 10
      > RRD Type IV 12
      > ARX 11.5
      > Black Tip 9.4

      Another option would be a Takoon Skoop 8.5 (11.6 flat) That is perfectly fit
      the range you gave, and it has quite a similar feeling to the 11.8 Airblast
      (though it gives a little more feedback than the Airblasts)

      Otherwise my advise would be the Fuel 10, though that kite has _much_ more
      barpressure than your airblast has. And would require a different



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