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    say no more.. stoked4life, rudy.g ... From: F12-Flyer ... powered ... the ... and ... and ... it ... you ... not
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2002
      say no more..

      stoked4life, rudy.g

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      From: "F12-Flyer" <reflex82@...>

      > Ive got a couple of short videos of me on my first 2 goes on my webpage.
      > Dam I had an awesome session today but I didnt have the time to gather a
      > camera man. Well I can tell you both me and my cousin (70kg) where
      > up in 20 - 25 knots I was on my F-12 he was on his 630. Upwind is awesome
      > and jumping is F-arcing awesome I just cant believe it. the landings are
      > just so dam smooth. This kite is so stable I was riding like a maninac
      > kite was every where. and not once did it luft. I was on it for 3 hours
      > still didnt feel tired. It is really a wired kite and behaves a little
      > different to others. I could jump like 10 times in a short run and still
      > stay upwind. if jumped right you will shoot straight up and just float
      > land only a few feet away. But there are so many divations of jumps and
      > has this great pendulum effect thingy which really confusers you on which
      > way your going and it turns a good jump into a speccy transition.
      > Jumping is just so much fun and when you think your gunna come down hard
      > stop a few feet off the water and just decide where your gunna come down
      > when.
      > great stuff
      > Rod
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