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Re: stacking, long board and big kites

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  • kiteboardingjapan
    ... brand or did you make it. It s a Parkes custom. At 7 6 it s more of a mini malibu size. It s got really soft round edges, loads of colume and 3 fcs fins.
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 2, 2002
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      --- In kitesurf@y..., georgeiw@a... wrote:
      > Nick, you mentioned a "long" board at 7'6". What is it like? What
      brand or did you make it.

      It's a Parkes custom. At 7'6" it's more of a mini malibu size. It's
      got really soft round edges, loads of colume and 3 fcs fins. This
      board totally disproves the theory that you need sharp edges
      to "rock" upwind. This board points further upwind than almost any
      board I've ridden. Couldn't tell you why...

      > Do any of you guys have a picture of a stacked pair of kites?

      Check out my site at:

      The Japanese will come like crap on your screens, but the pics are
      all you want anyway. These are a stack of 16 & 12 X2s. The wind was
      around 6 knots. The guy in the top 3 pics is ridding a 133cm wake,
      but he only weighs 48kgs.

      > How long do you make the second set of lines.

      These were the 7m extensions you get with the Areo.

      > I have Rhino 16 and have thought about the toro 18 as well as the
      Rhino 22.5.
      > Going in 8 knots sounds pretty good.

      I tried a 16 & 12 Toro today. The wind was less than 5 knots, so
      keeping the kites in the sky was hard enough. Tried to go out on my
      LWD 148, but didn't have enough juice. Because the wind was light it
      was hard to tell if the setting was right. Appears as if the front
      lines of the extension set may have to be made a fraction shorter if
      using Toros. I also tried 7m lines, but does anyone else out there
      use a different length?

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