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[ksurf] Re: Fwd: Velocity never exceed?

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    I d asked Dave Culp: Don t you think that we get overpowered before this VNE is reached? In ... To which he replied:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 1999
      I'd asked Dave Culp:

      << >Don't you think that we get overpowered before this "VNE" is reached? In
      >other words, do we have the phsical strength or mass to put sufficient load
      >on the kite to cause extreme deformation?
      >Or are we getting overpowered BECAUSE we've reached "VNE"? >>

      To which he replied:

      << No, no direct connection. You could take a 1.5 meter kite out in 40
      kts of wind, and hit its VNE without ever becoming overpowered. OTOH,
      you could take an XXXL out in 12 kts and rip your arms off, with the
      kite feeling just fine, thank you. VNE is related to velocity, not

      On a kite *boat* now, perhaps it's a different story, Since I can
      generate an unlimited amount of sideforce, I *might* get the XXXL to
      distort to the point where it was "over the top" of its L/D curve,
      even in fairly light wind. I kinda doubt it, though. I'd expect to
      begin destroying the bridle before seriously deforming the kite.
      Quadrifoil builds nice stuff...

      As a general case, *by design,* you are correct, however. Kite
      designers and manufacturers set their stuff up to perform.
      Kitesurfing kites are designed to hold their shape in any wind you
      are likely to be able to fly their stuff. When I order a custom kite
      for kite boating, the builder must design the kite for the loads I
      will put on it, typically much greater than a kitesurfer does, even
      when figured on a per-square foot basis.

      Dave >>
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