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[ksurf] Re: Kite size / weight ratioCOM

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  • Michel Montmigny
    To me It s the same if we stay like that or change. The most important thing is that everybody can easily continue to have good informations from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 1999
      To me It's the same if we stay like that or change.
      The most important thing is that everybody can easily continue to have good informations from the manufacturers them self.
      Fly  safe.
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      Objet : [ksurf] Re: Kite size / weight ratio

      Back on all messages on this specific point about R&D, aerodynamic etc.
      FYI- My Naish 9.0 with 30M or 45M lines will not even take off the ground in
      less than 6Knots let alone fly.
      I am not sure if all the members on the list are the right address and they are interested on all this specific conversations, which are also hard to understand for everybody....
      Soon or later we must to make separation of R&D section and customers, shops.
      For this, my suggestion is to set up the R&D list and leave the group like it is, with all information from the users side, comments on the equipment and ...........
      In the name of the sport, interchange the ideas, problems, results. We must to bring the right product, with right set up to the customers. I am for the real free conversation open ideas, open mind. We all know how hard is to bring something new to the market.
      So the R&D, Cory, Wipika brothers, Don Montague, Michel Montminy C-AIR, Raphael F1,Peter c-qard, Dave Culp, Paul Sextone, Hug Vu,Paul Watson, Stefano, sorry if I forgot somebody, let me know what you thing about it.

      For the conversation on the -Kite size / weight ratio- here my look on:
      One is clear the specific weight of the kite is important. From this calculation

      -------------- = specific weight of the kite

      /*Surface could to be open surface of the kite, or top view of the kite, two different relation, but from one point we must to start./

      We can get out of this the range of minimum wind where we can hold the kite on the top of the window. Here is the beginning position for kite surfing, for me. One is clear we can hold/fly the kite on lower winds, helping to drive the kite around window.
      But to go on the water we need this minimum. Again in the name of the sport, for population.
      Here some fact from products:
                                                                                                    min wind
      C-Qard 6.3                                                      180 g/m2        1.5-2kn
      Wipika 3.5m2                                                   310 g/m2            ?
      Wipika  5m2                                                     240 g/m2            ?
      Wipika 8.5m2                                                   320 g/m2            ?
      SEAJUMP 0.6---> 2.5m2, 3m wing span         320g/m2             4kn
      SEAJUMP 0.8---> 3.6m2  4m wing span         310g/m2            3.5kn
      SEAJUMP 1.0---> 5.7m2  5m wing span         330g/m2            3kn
      What I have in hands and the data from the net.
      Sure here is in game some aerodynamic facts too, but take this info for the basic information.
      If somebody have calculationfor otheres products, please let me know.

      touch and go

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