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Re: [ksurf] Remove the Leash

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  • callum_downie
    The person who suggested wearing a board leash in sizable surf has got to be kidding. I m sorry but that is close to the worst piece of adivse I think I have
    Message 1 of 17 , Apr 4 4:47 PM
      The person who suggested wearing a board leash in sizable surf has
      got to be kidding. I'm sorry but that is close to the worst piece of
      adivse I think I have sceen on this group.

      A few weeks ago now I had the unfortunate pleasure? of having a
      fellow rider ask for me to look at the top of his head and advise him
      of how bad the gash in his head was. Lets just say I almost threw
      up. He got hit by his board beacause he came off in the surf line
      and his kite dragged him downwind toward the beach when he came off -
      as kites do. This has put his board right between him and the next
      set wave and of course when the wave hit it has thrown the board
      right at him. This was in a nasty 6-8ft swell, nasty because it was
      heaving up of a shallow sand bank producing a nasty dumping wave.

      And then there is the danger of the board leash wrapping around you
      if you are in getting tossed around in the breaking wave. I have had
      this experience, as i have written here before, I had the leaders of
      my kite around my legs and the board leash nicely got wrapped around
      my neck. I was this '' close to giving up kiting after that little
      episode (obviously glad I didn't!).

      Look at these two incidents, imagine being part of them either in the
      first person or not. NOW advise me that I should put a leash back on
      my board.
      And before you say what if in the first incident he hadn't had a
      leash and the board had hit another water user. For one, the board is
      unlikly to do that because it's not likely to end up directly between
      someone and a wave the reason it ends up there for a rider is beacuse
      the leash effectivly pulls the board into that position.
      And very unlikely in those conditions, there was 4 kites out and
      about 6 surfers on another break a little way away, I didn't see
      another person in the water.

      There is no question what so ever that the board leash is a bad idea
      in sizable surf.
      The only question is, what about the kite leash...


      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Kitepower" <kitepower@b...> wrote:
      > I was hoping not to start a flame/opinion war, oh well! :-)))
      > I wanted to hear from people who actually ride in big surf
      frequently, or
      > who have found themselves having to compete in large surf, when not
      used to
      > these conditions.
      > The opinions of people who have never faced these conditions is not
      > in this thread (please), and these people will be of lower skill
      anyway so
      > they should always be wearing leashes and other safety gear which
      we all
      > know.
      > I think it is valuable to all of us to hear from these experienced
      > wave/wind riders, there are VERY REAL SAFETY issues involved with
      > leashes (board or kite) in big surf.
      > All the arguments for wearing a leash in these conditions one are
      flawed and
      > dangerous.
      > No other water/wind sports enthusiasts were able to enjoy the
      conditions we
      > had at Fingal Bay, and anyway are you guys saying wavesailors
      should wear
      > board leashes too??
      > There is some very limited thinking happening around this leash
      issue, and
      > it is very important to approach it with an open mind IMO.
      > This sport is not about sacrificing your own safety for the
      imagined fears
      > of others. There is no reason to not ride 15' or bigger waves if
      you have
      > the necessary skills and gear to do it, and after my experience in
      6' surf
      > there is no way I would wear or advise anyone to wear a leash in
      the really
      > big conditions.
      > Some of the imaginary scenarios from the wear leashes no matter
      what brigade
      > are either extremely unlikely to ever occur or just simply do not
      occur, in
      > my experience.
      > Cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > http://www.kitepower.com.au
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      > Open 7 days
      > 126 Beach St, Coogee, Sydney, Australia 2034
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      > From: Andre Myburgh [mailto:andrem@c...]
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      > To: 'kitesurf@y...'
      > Subject: RE: [ksurf] Remove the Leash
      > This sounds a bit self centered to me:
      > > However, as soon
      > > as the surf gets to about 6-8 foot faces and bigger I toss 'em
      > > In bigger waves, you don't want to be near your board when
      > > you eat it.
      > And neither does anybody swimming / surfing close to you.
      > > I can
      > > then just pop my shackle and the kite washes in, without any
      damage I
      > > hope.
      > To whom, the kite or the poor doos who got in the way of it.
      > > There's usually someone there to grab it in the shorepound.
      > Lucky you. If not, would it not go blowing down the beach taking
      out others?
      > Not trying to be sarcastic here, just thinking we sometimes worry a
      > about ourselves and our gear - and make changes or ditch
      our 'safety' gear
      > to gain freedom and personal safety with disregard to others. Sure,
      if you
      > ride at an empty beach, that's fine. I would say ditch the board
      leash on
      > flat water (easy to bodydrag back to it, etc.) and keep it on in
      surf - if
      > you're afraid of being hit/tangled, then maybe you shouldn't be
      out. A
      > leashless kite: I don't know, sounds dangerous to everybody but
      > My thoughts, flame away...
      > André
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