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[ksurf] R: Good place to surf in South of europe

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    Porto pollo (alghero) Sardinia. ... Da: kodex@xs4all.nl A: kitesurf@eGroups.com Data: lunedì 6 settembre 1999 0.44
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 1999
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      Porto pollo (alghero) Sardinia.

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      Data: lunedì 6 settembre 1999 0.44
      Oggetto: [ksurf] Good place to surf in South of europe

      >We have a great summer, hot but no wind for 1,5 month.
      >I ve lost my patience and want to get some kitesurfing in good steady
      >Does anyone have some suggestions about kitesurfingspots in the south
      >of Europe, that match most or all of the conditions below?
      >1. Beautifull girls on the beach
      >2. Good chance of getting wind (12 knots and upwards) if you stay
      >there for two weeks
      >3. Other kitesurfers around
      >Bart Kisters.
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