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RE: [ksurf] Re: Handles on Wipika?!?!?!

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  • Kitepower
    It is possible, but very uncomfortable, and severely restricts the wind range and general useability of the kite type. I tried bars at first having come from a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 31, 2002
      It is possible, but very uncomfortable, and severely restricts the wind
      range and general useability of the kite type.
      I tried bars at first having come from a heavily ingrained handle habit and
      hated them so much I kiteboarded for more than a year using Mossies and
      Blades on handles, but after 2 injuries directly related to foils and
      handles, I finally submitted to having to change to inflatos.
      While I was injured I got to watch a lot, this is what I noticed.
      Foil flyers were constantly changing kite sizes
      Foil, arc and c-quad flyers were constantly swimming in or being rescued,
      literally everyday.
      Inflato riders could stay out for hours with one kite, which re-launched 95%
      of the time, so they were always kiteboarding more than flyers of other
      types of kites, they learned quicker and were definitely having more fun!
      I would never go back to handles, although occasionally I would take a 9.0
      Blade out for a run, on handles, but now I have a 16.0 rhino, I much prefer
      to pump it up and use it!

      Cya and
      Steve McCormack
      126 Beach St, Coogee, NSW, Australia 2034
      Open 7 Days 9.30 - 5.30
      Also at 386 Latrobe Terrace Geelong Vic

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      * Subject: [ksurf] Re: Handles on Wipika?!?!?!
      * I still kitesurf on handles on old foils that don't work well with
      * bars, but wouldn't even consider using handles on modern kites.
      * 4 lined inflatables work a bit different to foils anyway - you'll get
      * some nasty surprises if you rig handles on a Wipi front/top
      * back/bottom ;-)
      * Get a bar, try it for a fortnight, and you'll never go back.
      * Pete
      * PS. The Advance bendy bar might make you feel better, but I don't
      * believe it's used for inflatables(?)
      * --- In kitesurf@y..., "gregwalshau" <Greg.Walsh@b...> wrote:
      * > People used Arcs on handles in the early days and I think Ben
      * > Merkenhoff has used Wipikas on handles and did lots of tricks etc.
      * >
      * > Bars are much more suited to kitesurfing. All the fast turning and
      * > precise control and no-hands control of handles are the last thing
      * > you want kitesurfing. All you want is something solid to pull
      * against
      * > and something very easy to keep very still with minimal inputs from
      * > one hand.
      * >
      * > I learned to kitesurf on foils with handles. Bars are much better.
      * >
      * > Greg
      * >
      * >
      * >
      * > --- In kitesurf@y..., "Dwight & Jacky" <fishersfort@a...> wrote:
      * > >
      * > >
      * > > > Hey!I've kitebuggy for the last 6 yrs.Want to kitesurf this
      * > summer.I want to know if any one ever
      * > > use handles on Wipikas or Naish?Don't like the bar.
      * > > >
      * > >
      * > > A few years ago people did that. Now I don't think anybody does.
      * > For all the tricks you will want to
      * > > do kiteboarding, the bar is better. It's easy to make the switch
      * > from handles, and soon you will
      * > > grow to like the bar. Look at Jeff Howard, a champion kite buggy
      * > guy who uses a bar to kiteboard.
      * > > Try the bar and see if you don't agree.
      * > >
      * > > Dwight
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