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True ! Re: [ksurf] Fins or no Fins - was hang time!

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  • peter_frank_dk
    You are absolutely right - you can simply not try a board(type) !!! At a time, where I was really experienced on really small directionals (And I windsurf
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 31, 2001
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      You are absolutely right - you can simply not "try" a board(type) !!!

      At a time, where I was really experienced on really small
      directionals (And I windsurf too, so I just love jibing) - I tried a
      I think I was out 3 times - but what a piece of crap !
      An odd stance (not relaxed), and it seemed impossible to go upwind -
      especially if underpowered. And you could not jump the same way - the
      takeoff's were shitty...
      Only the transition tricks, jumping tricks, and transitions seemed to
      add a new world of possibilities - but everything else did not work.

      So I kept on, going on directionals, for a while.

      Then, for some reason (especially cause I've seen what SHOULD be
      possible on TT's), I had a period where I wanted to experiment/try
      some more - and I used the TT for quite a while (and ONLY the TT...)

      Suddenly something happened - rapidly everything started to improve
      in huge steps !

      The jump takeoff's were brilliant, upwind seemed easy in all
      conditions, and I could relax totally !

      It took a loooong time, till I had the TT mastered, so it was
      a "natural" way of kitesurfing.
      But once it happened - I never went back !
      So many trick advantages in TT's and wakeboards - and today I can
      jump better on these, than on a directional. The latter is only
      because it has been a long time since I've been practising hard on a
      directional, of course.
      I miss the fin pressure jibe - it is not the same on bidirectionals.
      But I still windsurf when the waves are up, and its really windy - so
      I can live without this classic powerjibe on bidirectionals,
      especially because it gives you endless other transitions to choose

      My point is - that you have to give one type of board a chance, and
      not take notice on first impressions !
      It is a long evolution/adapting of different skills.
      IMO it is not wise to change between dir. and bidirectionals, if you
      want to be really top competitive - because the fundamentals are so
      But if you just wan't to have fun without competing - use both if you
      like that - but remember to use very long practice time on each type
      first, without mixing.
      Then, when both are "up your backbone" - you can change everytime you

      The above is of course a little "blurred", because you can make
      tricks/transitions on short directionals with fins in the nose - but
      the trim & feel is still very different from true bidirectionals.

      Sorry for those of you who has heard this topic before - but it seems
      to pop up every other day. People stating that TwinTips can't do
      this, and Directionals can't do that...

      Do not judge a boardtype, unless you are really good and have a lot
      of continuous practice on this particular type !

      And most will not have any possible way of comparing - because you
      will not have the same level on different types (remembering that you
      can not change back and forth, without losing performance)

      I think this is why it seems like an endless and very colored "fight"
      between dir. and bidir. kiters - which one performs the best !

      :-) Peter Frank

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "abc123kite" <esku@e...> wrote:
      > I think that you are right, but to see what does best for you, you
      > need to give the same "water time" on all kinds of boards.
      > I start on long dir' and moove right to wakeboard (141PF) without
      > or short dir'in the middle, today I love my Wake's but still I am
      > having a good time on my old 6'6" Naish or on the AHDTT there is
      > many things that you can do better on one that the other will not
      > fit.
      > Give a chance to all.
      > Yours Eyal
      > >
      > > Isn't this another way of saying that what you're used to is what
      > is
      > > going to work for you? I'm big but not particularly strong and I
      > do
      > > have a windsurfing background but I find my big directional with
      > > big fat fins the easiest thing in the world to ride. I can hold
      > > edge with the big Vector in just about any winds and I have never
      > > found the board size or the number of fins to be a problem. I
      > in
      > > 10-35 knot winds. I am certainly not disadvantaged in terms of
      > > jumping or cruising or edging.
      > >
      > > Conversely my twintip just leaves me exhausted. I'm still a bit
      > a
      > > beginner twintip rider but there's no real incentive to get super
      > > good on the twintip while I'm having so much fun on the big
      > > directional.
      > >
      > > Greg
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