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walland air 6.5 review

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  • kitesnowboarder
    Hi Guys I flew the new walland air move 6.5m this weekend with a snowboard not on water, so this is from a snow perspective but i haven t seen anyone review
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2001
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      Hi Guys
      I flew the new walland air move 6.5m this weekend with a snowboard
      not on water, so this is from a snow perspective
      but i haven't seen anyone review this kite much,so here goes...
      I was flying in 25-30kms winds with gusts to 35 + 40
      the kite flew great with minimal luffing
      it turns on a dime with the pully system like the flysurfer
      i think the wallands have a few of the flysurfer patent things on them
      the kite handles gusts well
      the thing that blew me away was how vertical this kite parks at the
      it parks almost behind you
      the vertical lift on this kite is buy far the craziest i have ever
      I got unintentional launches from sitting on the snow to 10 feet
      up and then back to sitting position with minimal ground loss
      the brakes work perfect and the thing fills up and holds air like
      it folds back up nice with the 2 velcro air outlets on the rear edge.
      smart also is the pullout tubes at the rear outlets that keep the
      velcro from resticking and stopping the exhaust air from excaping
      the only major thing that i found bad is that the pulleys suck ass
      as do all pulleys really
      i have not found a pulley yet that doesn't work like a steel ring
      pulleys always jam the lines in between the roller and the outside
      when you rely on the pulleys to turn and they jam it really sucks
      exchanging these pulleys for rings would be neccessary if you where
      to buy these kites
      they have no depower which is alright if your experience is high
      all in all the kite rocks and i reccommend this kite to people with
      experience that can handle friggin crazy vertical pull equalling huge
      people that think $540 US is an awesome deal for a brand new 2002
      complete kite will love this kite
      I was thinking on not selling these kite because i thought that you
      couldn't build a good kite for that price
      well it looks like the south africans can, and do it well
      and i looks like i am carying the kite in 4.5m, 6.5m and 9m and soon
      If you dump the creature cumfort of depower you have this kite,
      for the price of one other brand of kite, you can buy 2 walland airs
      this kite is not for inexperienced pilots or guys that just cruise
      this kite will put you into orbit
      the pulleys need to be switched to rings and that is all
      great kite, great bag and nice lines and saftey leash
      pretty cool for $540 eh?
      Later Guys
      PS i had some time on the wintools stamos too and will post it later

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