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Weather Stat Program for OZ - Runs off the BOM Site.

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  • Jason Cull
    Heya everyone, Just thought for those in Oz, you might like a little weather program for ya pc. It works off the BOM Site
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2001
      Heya everyone,

      Just thought for those in Oz, you might like a little weather program for ya
      It works off the BOM Site


      Go to the weather stats link on the left. This program is just over 1mb, so
      well worth it. (Well I think so anyway).

      This is the Authors recommended download link, or he has one direct to his


      or http://www.birdcagesoft.com.au/freeload/wthrinst.exe
      for direct download. If you can, please use the first one.


      For those who want the Onsite blurb... Here goes.

      Australian Weather Stats Software Ver 1.2.4 (1.08 MB) / 28th December 2001

      Australian Weather Stats is a small freeware application that polls real
      time weather statistics from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and
      displays them in a number of ways on your computer Desktop.

      It is only applicable to Australian Observations not other countries, there
      was a lack of good live Australian regional weather statistics /
      observations in all other weather applications that this is designed to

      Australia is roughly the geographical size of the USA with only a small
      number of capitol cities (7), thus capitol city or major airport based
      observations are of little use as the stations are often some distance from
      the users in Australia.

      This application gets observations from 448 Australian Bureau of Meteorology
      (B.O.M.) weather stations plus 4 day forecasts and rain images and

      Menu options now Include custom links, these are links to OnL-ine resources
      to outdoor leisure and sporting activities that generally rely on or based
      on prevailing weather conditions and are regularly checked.

      The links can be added or removed as desired depending on the interests you
      have.The custom information links provided will be relevant to the region
      you select to view your Weather information.

      The first of these link is provided by Fishnet.com.au and provide up to date
      information for Anglers that is accessed from the menu in Weather Stats

      Other links will be added as they become available, we have a confirmation
      that links will be available soon for snow-forecast.com links for skiers
      with conditions and unique snow forecasts

      You will be able to download a small installer to add links or update
      current ones from here (upon the next update) as you need without updating
      the program itself, the program will notify you as those become available in
      the custom links settings dialog.
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