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Re: [ksurf] More 2002 Co2 testing

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    ... From: Dwight & Jacky To: Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 7:38 AM Subject: Re: [ksurf] More 2002
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 2, 2001
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      Subject: Re: [ksurf] More 2002 Co2 testing

      > No problem, I understand your position. I am cautiously optomistic about
      my new kite. Believe me, I
      > am worried too, and am doing what I can to make sure it will hold up.

      I guess this is the reason I think you are really cool. You did
      not misintrepret my message, but actually addressed my concerns!

      > As for how I got the kites. I was at the Hatteras contest, not to compete,
      but to watch. I was told
      > by our local kite shop we could demo the 2002 Cabrinha kites the team
      riders had. Conditions the day
      > before the contest started, didn't allow it. It was fun looking at all the
      new kites.
      > I talked to Brad Duffy and Dave Loop about the new Wipika kites. When they
      told me they were putting
      > the Mylar material in the ribs, but turned inside, I decided I didn't want
      any more Wipika kites. I
      > was growing tired of all the little nagging problems with leaking bladders
      due to poor seam sealing
      > anyway.

      I have to admit that this year I felt a bit adventurous, and sold one of my
      Wipikas and bought a North 12 to see if I could do better. I have been
      very happy with it so far, but also I have not been able to fly it too much
      to say that it is awesome.

      > I looked over the Slingshot kites and their construction looked great and
      they looked good in the
      > air. I just don't like their graphics and colors. They don't have the look
      of a polished
      > professionally finished product. None of my friends agree with me on this.
      The local kite store
      > owner ordered those kites for himself and I hope to fly one today.
      > I talked to Kent MarinKovic of Cabrinha about the Co2. I liked the look of
      that kite the best. I
      > asked when they would be available and he said they 54 kites due in next
      week that were destined for
      > team riders, but he could probably let me have one. I'm sure Kent had no
      idea who I was. I had the
      > kite shop call Raul and relay the story and Raul said OK he'd ship me a

      That's cool, I appreciate your honesty.

      > I am not sponsored by anybody, but I've looked into it. Not because I'm
      any good, but because me and
      > my friends saw amateur bozo's getting sponsorship at these contests. I
      call them bozo's because we
      > are of similar skills and I still consider myself a bozo. Well my friend
      had the balls to ask for
      > sponsorship and walla he got it. I guess I could get it too, but not from
      Cabrinha. They are not
      > handing out sponsorships like candy, like some others are right now.

      I have read the messages where offer advice, and I would say that most times
      you seem to be right on the money, so I don't think that you could be a
      bozo. I have seen this sponsorship thing around here, too, and I believe
      that now a days, it is not doing too good a service to some companies since
      some of the "team riders" are not that good. It makes you say some time,
      "if they cannot ride it well, imagine how much harder it will be for me that
      I am not a team rider" :-).

      > So I pay good money for my kites, but I do get good deals because I waste
      way too much money at the
      > dlocal kite store on this addition I equate to heroin.

      Well, I would love to be able to do this, but having gone through the
      windsurfing early days, I am a bit skeptical now about kiting. I already
      spent a fortune in windsurfing gear with all the "changes and improvements"
      on sails, boards, masts, booms, etc. I am not willing to pay for this
      "revolution" in the kiting arena. I think I will let the brave one do this,
      and I will sit back and collect on the good experiences. Thanks again for
      your honesty and for also understanding my arguments.

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